28% of States Have Decriminalized Marijuana


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28% of States Have Decriminalized Marijuana28% of US states have decriminalized marijuana. If you liked this clip of The David Pakman Show, please do us a big favor and share it with your friends……

49 comments on “28% of States Have Decriminalized Marijuana

  1. sharper68 on

    What you define as an “intolerable human rights violation” is competently different than most of us. Parents are the ones who stop kids from smoking or drinking but there is no harm in restricting access to children so that parents actually have more control. If these products are freely available to any age the parents lose their ability to limit access to everyone’s detriment except the retailers. Controlled products are a not a human rights violation no matter how loud you yell they are.

  2. stephenboing on

    Marijuana legalised and taxed state wide, sales of blueberry squishies and microwave burrito’s go through the roof.
    It a win win right!!

  3. sharper68 on

    The same can be said for tobacco then. A few states have legalized it unless you use your definition and in that case cigarettes, alcohol are are also “illegal”

  4. sharper68 on

    Better than mobsters having it. During our dalliance with prohibition organized crime moved in and filled the demand for accessible alcohol with the corresponding violence issues associated with the fights to control the market. Having it out in the open and competing like any other business under control of the government may not be ideal to you but it is far better than what we currently have.

  5. Kruiseboy216 on

    Nobody is fighting to be a lazy bum. Why are drugs even illegal in the first place? People should have the right to choose what they put in their bodies. Besides, the war on drugs is a total failure in every possible aspect. I fight for the freedom to make my own choices regarding my health and well being, rather then let an already incompetent government decide for me.

  6. 46619TAB on

    Most of us from the ‘baby boomer’ generation want your generation to be educated, something that you’ve obviously missed out on.

  7. jasonwars11 on

    Oh really? I smoke Pot and I move faster than any of those drug-free fuckers on my job. I don’t even know why jobs do that drug test crap. I am living proof that Marijuana does not affect your workability. It’s all BS! Whatever they taught you in school, forget about it.

  8. Etherouge on

    Illegal is the worst case scenario. Decriminalization is a step in the right direction.

    Also, drug lords don’t give a shit about this. They care about the hard drugs.

  9. sharper68 on

    You have no clue what you are talking about. We are fighting to decriminalize and make legal a product that should never been criminalized in the first place. Your generalizations about what people who use marijuana are like are cartoonish and plainly false. It is widely used and not just by the “lazy” but the highly successful as well. We are fighting to make our own choices instead of state mandated ones.

  10. SgtBootz on

    I don’t think you understand that THC isn’t poisonous to humans. And the fact that there is more THC content in pot now means that people have to smoke less just to get high. Less smoke = Better. Also judging by your first comment, I don’t think you understand that people could eat, vaporize or make marijuana tea. Not everyone smokes it. So yes, if you vaporize marijuana, it is BEYOND safer than tobacco, because it is just THC in a gas form (not smoke/burnt plant) and thus should be legalized

  11. David Pakman on

    agreed, i don’t get the logic for legal cigarettes but illegal marijuana, other than corporate reasons

  12. freekkc on

    it the truth to whenever i smoke on my lunch break i am more alert and outperform everyone around me it puts me in a more positive state of mind

  13. spinnersmetal on

    Decriminalization only empowers the drug lords more. It needs to either be legal or illegal.

  14. TheG1ngerKid on

    David, what’s your view on marijuana? Not asking if you partake, just your standpoint on the legality of the matter.

  15. raidpirate15 on

    I’m sure you believe a war on guns will be a total success though, right? I’m sure you aren’t fighting for people’s right to own their arms of choice though, right? I’m sure you’re cool with the “already incompetent government” decide what guns you can and can’t use. Another hypocrite liberal.

  16. MrTexaz101 on

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  17. raidpirate15 on

    In Connecticut (where I live) they passed a law banning guns. That’s not regulating them, they flat out banned future sales.

  18. Sam L on

    It’s not about legalising drugs. Firstly some drugs are already legal, and some drugs should stay illegal. It’s about legalising cannabis.

    Secondly, people who are lazy bums when they smoke cannabis are probably lazy bums when they don’t smoke it too. My favourite thing to do when smoking cannabis is writing music. It doesn’t make me lazy. I can also enjoy a drink without starting a fight.

  19. 88beauzeau88 on

    I don’t understand why people really want to eradicate this plant. Chopping down marijuana you’re doing nothing but throwing money out the window. We’re paying people to chop down marijuana. That’s really what you want this generation to be remembered as? Going into debt to chop down marijuana plants?

  20. halloranedward on

    that is correct. state tax stamps and prohibition of interstate commerce is a violation of human rights. so is the “legal age” did you know the tobacco age law has only been around for a few years? Who checks ID at the crack house? parents are better suited to decide if their kids buy alcohol or tobacco or firearms than permitting socialist to live.

  21. halloranedward on

    no, that is govt determining the price and distribution of commodities, the age limit is just a smokescreen. it does nothing to prohibit alcohol tobacco or firearms. it is just socialism. we have licensed wholesalers, retailers, and a sales tax, and prihibits interstate commerce. all these things are an intolerable human rights violation. parents are the ones who stop kids from smoking and drinking, why should the govt determine the price and distribution and cost of wholesale liquor ?

  22. halloranedward on

    no, state has truly legalized, legal would be no laws against it. having licensed growers, licensed sellers who are told how much to grow, who to sell to and at what price, and of course a huge “state tax stamp” to pay for these price and distribution laws (with a “special” tax for the schools) the problem the socialist have with the industry as it exist, is that it is capitalist, though illegal. a strong black market is what they are trying to get rid of.

  23. Zeldagigafan90210 on

    It is impossible to OD on marijuana. The “marijuana related” ER visits are not because of the marijuana, unless the patient is allergic, but because the marijuana they consumed was tainted with impurities such as cocaine and other hard drugs that caused them to need a visit to the ER.

  24. sharper68 on

    The tobacco age law is a good thing and makes sense. If parents want their kids to smoke at home they can go buy their cigarettes, the rule is in place to limit access to tobacco for people who should not have access as a good rule. “Legal age” rules only prohibit purchase of said products, they do far more good than harm and do not change the fact that parents should be making the final choices. If anything rules like this attempt to force parents inclusion so that minors can get access.

  25. AceofDiamonds0 on

    and alcohol can effect your life as well, want to make that illegal too? yes if marijuana is legalized some people will misuse it but many more people will use it responsibly and not let it negalively affect their lives.
    the benefits of legalized marijuana far outweigh the risks.

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  28. BrianSATX79 on

    I think that what people do with their own bodies and their own minds is their business, providing they do not impose any harm on other individuals or society.

  29. SuperKnowledgeSponge on

    I dunno.
    It seems too good a benefit to be shared with idiots who want to be deceived. I say, let the fools die out themselves while the intelligent get their way.

  30. raidpirate15 on

    I’d love a world where there was a world with no marijuana, alcohol, or tobacco or any of that stuff. But I also know that there are people who use it anyway, People should know the consequences to them, and yes, marijuana does have bad consequences.

  31. halloranedward on

    the socialist were very upset by the 21st amendment, that is when the banned pot, and legalized censorship.

  32. toomanysam on

    no because they commited a crime. once it is legalized they have still commited a crime because at the time they possessed marijuana it was illegal.

  33. 02115Rick on

    I hope Natan is right. Rather than just arguments about how marijuana isn’t that dangerous, or can have medical benefit, I’d like to see more people come out and say it should be legal because they ENJOY it and/or find it to otherwise have a positive impact on their lives.

  34. SgtBootz on

    I am not ungrateful of this, it is a huge step in marijuana legalization worldwide. But I don’t really find the necessity for this, why do we not just skip to legalization? Decriminalization does still feeds the drug cartels money. Legalization brings money to the state, similar to Alcohol. Again, don’t get me wrong this is HUGE. But the fact that you can still get fined leaves the social stigma around pot (the reefer madness ignorant bullshit that people still tend to believe).

  35. TheRedSamuraiMK on

    I just hope that hypocrite in charge Obama doesn’t get any credit for this because he was against this all the way. And if he does come out in favor of this the degenerate obama-bots will totally eat that shit up.

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