Pictures of medical marijuana and close up microscope pics


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Pictures of medical marijuana and close up microscope picsSome indoor and outdoor nugs that I grew. Sorry for the view on the vid, still getting used to my new Iphone! Theirs BlockHead, Blackberry Kush, White Widow, God Bud, Outdoor Skunk #1, Outdoor God Bud, Outdoor Cheese, Outdoor OG Kush, Outdoor Bubba Kush and Outdoor Blue Dream.

10 comments on “Pictures of medical marijuana and close up microscope pics

  1. deerdetective007 on

    man thats fuckin sweet yeah my god bud turned out the same really dense.
    were gorwing our next round of god bud because we had seeds 🙁 but were growing a bunch indoor because as you can see from the vid the indoor buds are way bigger.

  2. mikezyg on

    Thank you to all who watch my videos and give a thumbs up! Bless you all and good growin!

  3. 101ibanez on

    Those are some nice lookin buds their! I would love to stop by and smoke some of that with you!

  4. MyNameIsKris95 on

    Yoooooo sickkkk. Thats alot i cant imagine the batches u come up with. Unfortunatly, where im from, i cant get much. The only thing out of that stuff ive had is god bud. And i thinks its amazing for its price and its regular price. You charge at least $20 a dime for each right?

  5. mikezyg on

    @mikezyg Yeah , mine had purple here and their! Nice dense nugs! Smells really fruity, almost impossible to describe, very unique

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