Mrs. Derpity’s Garden


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Mrs. Derpity's GardenThis video is for viewers over the age of 18. This video may contain pictures and/or descriptions of a legal medical marijuana grow in the State of Michigan….

10 comments on “Mrs. Derpity’s Garden

  1. Adam Lawrence on

    really nice garden bro. I will make a video of my favorite soil and all i use. i have been getting really good vegies. But also your other garden is looking good too. Take care and keep it green 🙂

  2. DerpDerpity420 on

    Thanks Adam I haven’t seen your comments for a while, I appreciate any tips anytime. Have a good day bro. Peace!

  3. GreenThumbMedicinal on

    Sweet man makes me hungry !! I feel ya on the money issue too brother but hey your setup is getting the job done 🙂 very nice and I feel ya on meyjer ( or how ever u spell it lol) the veggies suck and grow your own is the way to go

  4. Matthew Turner on

    Awesome variety! I always say if you can’t afford the prepackaged BS DO IT YOURSELF! Keep growing you two

  5. TWITCH3D0UT on

    Great job to both! These videos are what inspire a positive out look on my day. People that give back to others will always get my respect ! Good people

  6. DerpDerpity420 on

    Yep Mrs. Derpity is doing pretty good for a first try. Thanks for the nice comments. Peace!

  7. SeedBankReviews on

    Marijuana is a blast to grow but so is growing a ton of other amazing plants. Gardening is one of the best things to do in life brother,
    the aardvark

  8. BolagnaSheetsMD . on

    Thats sweet, I went to wallmart and they had 4ft T8 2bulb fixtures for 15$ I grabbed 2 for my stealth veg at the bologna factory. I’m waiting for this MI weather to perk up so I can throw my strawberries and tomatoes outside.

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