Man Tattoos His Dog!


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Man Tattoos His Dog!SOURCEFED SHIRTS!!! Tattoo artist tattoos his dog, posts pictures of tattooed dog on Facebook, Facebook get mad. Circle of life? Our Sour…

50 comments on “Man Tattoos His Dog!

  1. xRymerx on

    And that is no where near the worst we treat animals. Pretty sure people debeak chickens before stuffing them into a tiny cage for the rest of their life. But suddenly tattoos are crossing the line. Pfft.

  2. GiggityUrSelf on

    It’s his dog, he didn’t hurt it, and considering all of the other things that people do to their dogs (like cut their balls off), this isn’t a big deal.

  3. guitarheromazter86 on

    Based on the circumstances, I don’t think it’s wrong at all. If the dog didn’t feel any pain while it was being tattooed, in my opinion it’s no worse than maybe a stomach surgery. You could argue that “they’re his dogs, let him do what he wants to them”, but keep in mind all of the people who abuse and neglect animals for no reason, just because they are “theirs”.

  4. brokenBDA on

    its fine.

    A personal tattoo shows animal rescue people that some one really loves hi/her dog. If you think about it, a micro chip is cool and all, but if some one finds your dog and they don’t have a chip reader, than what good is it?

    If some one finds your dog with a wicket tattoo, it is going viral on facebook. Every one will be looking for the owner.

    It really just makes sense.

  5. toulouse666 on

    It always amazes me that some people are willing to give a pass to the most horrific depraved acts as long as it’s a “religious” or “cultural” thing… yeah, that’s fucking great.

    Primitive illiterate desert low lives ancestors cut the foreskin off of their babies’ dicks for no logical reason? Great idea! Let’s chop them all off *without* their consent even though it evolved there for a fucking reason over millions of years!

  6. MangoDaisy on

    Good point giggity. No-one has a problem with removing kitties phalanges, cutting ears, tails, and tying tubes or removing balls. I have no issue with this guy.

  7. xRymerx on

    How? The dogs seem pretty happy and healthy in those pictures, and he cared enough about their suffering to put them to sleep and use anaesthetics to make it practically painless.

  8. MrMadmanbob on

    Branding cattle is inhumane. Just because something is regularly practiced does not mean there is no problem with it.

  9. supermatthew222 on

    my brothers dog has a tattoo. Its a barcode but its still an identifiable tattoo.

  10. George Martin on

    Tattoos are far easier to read though. If I found a lost dog, how would I know if it was microchipped or not? I would immediately be able to see a tattoo.

  11. Keni Voermans on

    Your HIV argument is complete bogus. With the proper precautions it isn’t likely to spread, and without it spreads as easily in both homosexual couples as heterosexual couples. Disease doesn’t discriminate based on anything. Women also experience pain during sex in case you forgot about that.I won’t even begin to address the ludicrous comparison between sex and murder you drew because it just makes you sound stupid. Based on your arguments anyone not wishing to reproduce shouldn’t have sex…

  12. MrMadmanbob on

    Humane Slaughter…now there’s an oxymoron. Sure, there are better and worse ways to kill someone, but to call any kind of slaughter humane is just dishonest, Also, birds – the animals killed in the greatest quantity – are not protected under the Humane Slaughter Act and thus face some of the most abhorrent treatment.

  13. Thebrightat on

    how could this possibly be an issue? dogs are things that belong to owners! people have such fake apathy towards the most pointless bullshit!

  14. pipzification11 on

    I honestly dont mind it, it seems like he loves the dog and prevented any pain the dog might of had in every way he could.In some places they still use burn branding without any pain killers. How is this worse?

  15. moulsher93 on

    basically it was necessary so it was cruel, the dog would still have been sore the next few days from a tattoo that big so yer the guys a dick.

  16. baileeboox33 on

    I think that ot is his dog and he can do what he wants to it. He has valid reasons for his decision and there was no harm to the dog. so just leave the man and his tatted pup alone. Judge your own animal’s tattoos.

  17. Limpninja360 on

    That doesn’t make it okay. Though considering the fact that those cattle will often be slaughtered later, it’s not the cow’s biggest concern.

  18. dancingann on

    So you are saying there is no difference between letting an animal bleed to death or cutting it open, butchering it while it’s alive and killing it when it’s unconscious & doesn’t suffer? I guess you don’t know the definition of humane… 1. showing compassion 2. Inflicting the minimum of pain. Slaughter has few many definitions, the way it’s used doesn’t make it an oxymoron. Glad you read up on it. Now you can contact your congress-people and urge them to include birds.

  19. MakingtheCase on

    Some people tattoo their pets and some microchip, so they usually have both methods highly available in any vet or kennel. You’re really not impressing me with your argument on why microchips are better.

    Oh, and why are you private messaging me the exact same things arguments from your comments? Do we need two identical conversations going on for posterity or something?

  20. MakingtheCase on

    As I said to you via PM, it’s not a barcode. It’s a serial number that is composed of letters and numbers that the vet punches into the computer and the information pops up. They don’t need access to a chip scanner like they would with a microchip. They’d just need a computer and access to the database.

  21. dancingann on

    Yep. Look up Humane Slaughter Act. It’s crazy how slaughter houses would ‘harvest’ different parts before the life of the livestock ended.

  22. Tristan Goddard on

    Dog didn’t feel anything, it’s not harming it or affecting its life in any way…… HAVE I MISSED SOMETHING!!?? Or are there people out there just looking for stuff to mindlessly moan about?

  23. Marina Ivins on

    My dog had a tattoo and I always wondered why/where it was from. She was rescued from a puppy mill and I guess that’s how they identified them?

  24. nvcola on

    So it’s ok to brand some animals but not tattoo others? I have tattoos and I’ve burned myself with a nail (don’t ask) and I will take a tattoo over that pain any day

  25. CallMeDieNasty on

    The dog was asleep. It couldn’t feel anything, so how is it treating it bad? Also a dog has no clue what the tattoo means it doesn’t recognize anything like that so it doesn’t harm it mentally. And comparing death with tattoos is a little overboard.

  26. TheZamphire on

    Most vets do micro chips now and if your dog cat was stolen or ran away got lost etc if some one found him when they take him to the vet or some kennels they will microchip scan then it puts all the owner info Right there then you call them tell them to come pick up there dog.

  27. Stella9Luna on

    As a vet nurse I have never seen an animal reject the microchip and I 100% advocate getting them as lost animals often slip their collars. I do see the logic in the possibility of the immune system attacking it, but I don’t think it’s a common occurrence if it’s done right and everything is sterile. An artistic tattoo done under general anaesthetic is probably better than tail docking, ear pinning, or ear cropping but they’re all stupid pointless things to do.

  28. whatwouldberyldo on

    misread the middle part, you were talking about the microchip! my bad. even so, removing a piercing shouldn’t hurt lol

  29. Azboy3000 on


  30. xxBelldom on

    Pain isn’t numbed when they clip puppy ears. You can hear them scream. My joy is shattered.

  31. ShaneyPo0 on

    The fact that it was knocked out, and had topical anesthetic applied to its skin….
    people need to pipe the fuck down and get off their doggy high horse.

  32. 14797ked on

    Its not like he just held the dog down and attacked him with a needle. He made it so the dog felt no pain. Its fine

  33. Clint Hart on

    I really don’t see the problem, I mean farmers brand cattle and they are wide awake while they di it

  34. sireofdarkness on

    ok i removed my comment to aviod sensitive people(not talking about you keni) that jump to conclusions and assumptions and accuse me based on that. as to you keni i will send you a personal message as a reply instead.

  35. DPowered2 on

    Its mainly the people who ether don’t understand that may or may not when they think about it. Its also an unusual thing most people didn’t know about so they assume its wrong

  36. whatwouldberyldo on

    um tattoos can easily get infected too, especially if it’s a dog who runs around in dirt. the dog could also have an allergic reaction to the ink, which the body will also forcibly eject. tattoo ink hasn’t been tested to be safe in animals, and even in humans has been considered to cause cancer & other skin diseases.
    um and removing a piercing shouldn’t hurt, even if it’s started rejected. you just unscrew it and pull it out. unless it’s a dermal but no one is getting a dermal on their animal.

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  38. dancingann on

    That’s was why the Humane Slaughter Act was put into place…the laws (or lack there of) differ from state to state on what needs to be provided for the livestock and how the livestock can be treated.

  39. ISeeAnAngelMrBubbles on

    To be fair, though, spaying/neutering is sort of a different thing to docking tails and using shock collars.

  40. DrussNL on

    Top comments are all saying “We already treat pets badly so why does this matter?” What? Are you retarded? Docking tails, modifying ears and putting on shock collars should be forbidden! We should work towards better treatment, not condone bad behavior because there is already worse behavior out there! That’s like justifying shooting a person in the head by saying “at least I didn’t rape and torture him to death”.

  41. apaiva788 on

    My cat has 2 tattoos that she got from neuter scooter when she got fixed…her belly and her ear…bad ass

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