Chris Benoit “BRUTALIZED” Nancy’s body…

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April 11, 2015
عصابات Documenting Most Violent Crimes
April 11, 2015

Chris Benoit – LOVE or HATE?: https:// Cybersex with WWE’s Sunny: https:// Kurt Angle’s AWFUL acting: …


  1. The Whole F'n Show says:

    Chris Benoit – LOVE or HATE?:

    Cybersex with WWE’s Sunny:

    Kurt Angle’s AWFUL acting:

    CM Punk’s dysfunctional UFC Q&A:

  2. Jake Hardy says:

    hey you guys hate edges spear his spear is amazing

  3. CommentatorDeluxe says:

    You guys do know that Benoit has still two kids that are alive, do you?
    And Nancy Benoit was hot.

  4. Jack Benedetti says:

    see ya

  5. Dustin Nunn says:

    +The Whole F’n Show That’s not what happened. What happened was, Chris
    Benoit suffered from a brain disease called CTE caused by severe
    concussions to the head, the disease took over Chris’s mind, and it caused
    to him to accidentally murder his second wife Nancy, and their seven year
    old son Daniel. Roid Rage and Kevin Sullivan had nothing to do with it. If
    I were you, I would go back on YouTube and watch the E! True Hollywood
    Story documentary called “Chris Benoit: Wrestling with Demons”. It will
    tell you about his life, his career in the wrestling industry, the tragic
    events, and what had caused the tragic events to happen. I watched the
    documentary upteen times. I seen what happened.

  6. El Gamerico says:

    They forgot to tap out !!!!

  7. WWENBANFLMLBFAN 0535 says:

    He said Kevin. Who’s Kevin? Kevin Sullivan?

  8. Adam Hauger says:

    dear jesus, I need a twfs scott steiner interview.
    -love always, it’s ya boy.

  9. Co⊙zeB○Yz says:

    I’m all for morbid humor, but these 2 fuck-sticks take it to a really
    uncomfortable and disrespectful place. Hope someone makes a joke about a
    tragedy in their lives one day! Eat shit!

  10. Robert Cutts says:

    Chris Beniot had CTE. It was not steroids or roid rage.

  11. WWENBANFLMLBFAN 0535 says:

    I think Chris got framed.

  12. Rob Doble says:

    U guys are a bunch of disrespectful assholes

  13. Ryles95 says:

    Kevin Sullivan didn’t kill Chris Benoit. Kevin Scampoli killed Chris

  14. therock unleashed says:


  15. CapitalistOverlord says:

    Boohoo, he’s being disrespectful ;(. Get this, faggots: you’re all going to
    die, and so will everyone you ever love. And hopefully you can learn to
    take a joke before that happens. All that is solid melts into air and all
    that is holy is profaned, shitheads.

  16. Daniel Wray says:

    Unsubbed. The show is up and down at best but this was low.

  17. Jeromy Taylor says:


  18. Gregory Stone says:

    Couple of retards.

  19. Mikeycarbs20 says:

    Kevin Sullivan didn’t do it. Rey mysterio killed the kid