64Cast: Infused With Pictures – TheGuyThatCouldFly & Citizen Jay

Medical Marijuana push, South Florida takes center stage
March 27, 2013
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March 28, 2013

64Cast: Infused With Pictures - TheGuyThatCouldFly & Citizen JaySitting down for a smoking session with my friend and fellow YouTuber Citizen Jay to talk about what recreational cannabis might look like. I took pictures a…


  1. ifarhani says:

    Great vid as always, Mark. By the way…I noticed the pic @9:04..and saw that you had a Coke Zero there..well, it turns out that Diet Coke and Coke Zero drinks contain Aspartame, a dangerous chemical that is known to cause Type 2 diabetes, and weight gain. Please watch what you eat, and do research on the information I have presented in this comment. Stay healthy bro.

  2. derpa herrp says:

    now this is a session.

  3. Bobby Sauer says:


  4. Darryl Damaso says:

    Keep it coming man 😀

  5. Jon Rose says:

    Dude this is sweet!! Love your vids man

  6. ThrashIsBack100 says:

    Were awesome

  7. painiam18 says:

    It is not free if force aka government is involved freedom. Government contradicts freedom and you’re right we all should be able to choose what to put in our body.

  8. Otto Teed says:


  9. chiledrummer says:

    lol. does that even matter compared to the amount of cannabis they consume rofl.

  10. purp vomit says:

    nice to have a long one once and a while 

  11. Moneymag22 says:

    Buying nug with or without a red card its all the same ppl smoke for the same reason ease the mind we all get inner peace when were medicated stoned its all the same. Lol special treatment ahahaha

  12. Moneymag22 says:

    Overall great discussion fellas. Great video

  13. jordansallee says:

    i cant never workout when stoned, i love getting stoned right after lifting tho.

  14. avion106 says:

    I’ve definitely been at the gym listening to TGTCF more than once

  15. brandonfiend says:

    This is great! Thanks for the upload!

  16. adam clark says:

    Everybody should be able to smoke for whatever reason, I thought this was a free country.