Rich & Andy C – Road Trip (Hillarious)

Episode 1: Evicted – Without a Paddle
May 21, 2011
Joan Lunden on Letterman
May 21, 2011

Rich & Andy C - Road Trip (Hillarious)Me and a friend had to rent a van get us a driver and get us upto lancashire to get his new bike which he had just bought off of eBay. To waste time on the journey we decided to have a little piss around after smokin up some lovely peng 😛 Heres the final subject, the video everyone has been talkin about.


  1. kingsizeblueslim says:

    1:10 brilliant!!!

  2. kingsizeblueslim says:

    you guys are awesome

  3. YurMom21 says:

    i mean weed.

  4. YurMom21 says:

    lol was dat wed?

  5. kingsizeblueslim says:

    yeah, white rhino