Reggie Watts’ 4/20 Song

UFC’s Michael Bisping — Hey, Wanderlei Silva … Oral Me!
April 22, 2015
RS, World Pre, & Andrew Crillz – “Reggie Bush” (Official Music Video/Comedy Skit)
April 22, 2015

James invites his band leader Reggie Watts to perform an original song about 4/20 – Marijuana Day. Subscribe To “The Late Late Show” Channel HERE: Watch Full …


  1. MrsMupp93 says:

    All hail Reggie Watts!

  2. Mido the Great says:

    huge black moth super rainbow influence i feel

  3. jeremytwoface says:

    “4/20… Ha cha cha cha”

    Well said my friend… well said.

  4. whatsuphotdog says:

    I wish people would learn to clap on the 2 and 4

  5. Pascale van Gils says:

    I love this so much!

  6. Faraaz Akbar says:

    This was so trippy

  7. MetrazolElectricity says:

    strawberry fields forever…

  8. Jordan Baker says:

    the first two minutes are very Beatles. strawberry fields meets Being For
    The Benefit Of Mr. Kite

  9. ayngemac says:


  10. A Man says:

    Reggie for president he give me da munchies!!!!

  11. Demian Haki says:

    Reggie has such a great understanding of music to be able to mix all these
    different styles in his videos

  12. HarrisonsFord says:

    This is the late night shakeup america needs! Well done to the producers
    and to Reggies gloriously sparkling beard.

  13. D.avid says:

    Reggie is a musical genius. The creativeness this guy has is inspiring AND
    hilarious. Uniquely ‘awe’some. 

  14. Alex Clarke says:

    A Day in the Life kinda vibe.

  15. Jonathan Ameh says:

    The late late show with Reggie

  16. LadyDamfino says:

    Reggie is a LEGEND. 

  17. TheSoundEngineAF says:

    I’ve been waiting years to hear Reggie perform like this with an amazing
    backing band.

  18. MrTingles says:

    stand in awe of our musical savior.

  19. akaElleLatham says:

    10 people had seizures because they missed the epilepsy warning.

  20. Trapper2b says:

    I feel dizzy (in a positive way)

  21. jwoo951 says:

    favoritest thing ever. (right after Reggie’s beautiful mane.)

  22. PSWii2011 says:

    I’m so glad people can see Reggie’s musical talents on a national stage
    like CBS.

    Also, those fast cuts at the end! I don’t even smoke weed, and I felt like
    I was tripping!

  23. Moonray Silversky says:


  24. Drunk Bastard says:

    Reggie hides his bags of cannabis in his voluminous hair.

  25. Davideo523 says:

    Please give us a version to download, this song is so good :D

  26. henry strange says:

    Is that Richard Ayoade’s dad?

  27. Christopher John says:

    Happy belated 4/20, thetans…

  28. IXM360 says:

    Im confused as to whether I want Reggie Watts to be my brother or dad or
    uncle… Or all 3

  29. Hayden Dib says:


  30. arsenalmanic says:

    HAHA this was fun

  31. hurstUNT says:

    that was great