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August 14, 2014
Drugs, Inc.: Marijuana – Arjan Roskam Scene
August 14, 2014

INSANE and DEPRESSEDAm I crazy?.. Probably. SUBSCRIBE: 2nd Channel!…. https:// MERCHANDISE!!…


  1. Elise R. says:

    How in the world did you just describe me?….better than I could have,
    actually. The whole, making up stories and thinking that people don’t like
    me, is EXACTLY what I do ALL the time. I find much relief in knowing that
    I’m not the only one who deals with these types of things. Thanks for
    making this very honest video! You’re awesome!

  2. padraigkilkenny13 says:


  3. thepupils209 says:

    You’re an “over analyzer” you analyze shit to the fullest (sometimes if not
    always to an extreme) it’s not necessarily a “perfectionist” trait…but
    more mental evaluation of situations/problems. It actually believe it or
    not is a sign of high intelligence. Majority of artists have that
    trait/personality, it’s what makes you critical of your art & a better
    artist. You just apply that approach to social situations. It’s a sign of
    being an intelligent artist. If you don’t “analyze” your work, then you
    just produce shit & don’t learn to better yourself from the previous job,
    then repeat. Boom…your in a permenant non evolving situation as a so
    called “artist” which is the worst. If you over analyze your work, it makes
    you better, & that’s what a good artist does. It’s a good thing! 

  4. Fernando Cordova says:

    Don’t worry bro I know exactly how you feel but you make great videos and
    you deserve more subscribers keep doing what you do your funny and
    entertaining :)

  5. paul luna says:

    Oh shit the gringo is in blue! Switching sides homie? Come down south we’ll
    let you in haha

  6. Lui XIV says:

    Keep doing what u do man!

  7. Juan Castaneda says:


  8. John Doe says:

    @Juan Castaneda hold on after get done teabagging the first commenter on
    pewdiepies video you’re next.

  9. raven stephen says:

    your too funny bruv and 2 kool 4 skool yeah and your depression you will
    get over it when you past 100k subs ma nigga you definetly need more subs
    plus you can be with us black dudes anytime dawg see you around cuz m out

  10. Levi Azevedo says:

    I hate you. Lol 

  11. AsKaGangsta says:

    I like ur stories bro. U are a special character 4show

  12. Surreal Season says:

    Bro you’re awesome. Seriously. You make amazing videos and it appears that
    you have great taste in music (that slim shady lp xD) don’t let depression
    control you. Keep making amazing videos 🙂 have a great day 

  13. redhamuSLA says:

    No worries, dude.

  14. KLAYM0RZ says:

    Little did you know that Michael Jackson would end up as white as you. 

  15. Jarod Silva says:

    I’m crazy..depressed..and ugly. Oh ya..i wanna be black too.

  16. ethiopianman23 says:

    I’m the same way man….makes it hard to find a girl….but listening to
    positive music like bob Marley and talking to ppl you can trust helps a lot

  17. Jarod Silva says: