How to Get High in 2015 (featuring Cheech Marin)

High Kitchen – 4/20 Special: “Crush’n It w/ Blake” (Pt. 6 of 11)
April 22, 2015
Treeez Talking WEED, Hitting The BONG, Telling Whats To Come! CHEERS!
April 23, 2015

A stoner harnesses the power of technology in order to get baked on 4/20 with Cheech Marin.


  1. Prototype Gameing says:

    LOL 666 likes


    Cheeched , uber stylee

  3. Dave says:

    Bro am I high or is that the legendary Cheech? 

  4. xProjectStaRx says:


  5. Mike Adams says:

    Dave? Dave’s not here man!

  6. Custer says:


  7. Charger Dave says:

    All hail Cheech

  8. Stockton Repischak says:


  9. Honest Signalz says:

    I’m higher than my grandma’s blood pressure right now

  10. Supsup516 says:


  11. tawana matswetu says:

    Cheech is back MUTHAFUCKAS

  12. KitariFox says:

    Happy 4/20 everybody, smoke one for me because I can’t do it anymore for
    job related reasons. :(

  13. smeagol says:

    They both look like fat Zac Efrons

  14. David Snipes says:

    Comedy Central gets me!

  15. TheBeatmac says:

    Instructions unclear; got dick stuck in bong.

  16. CoolCarl222 says:

    Dinky is a famous dog

  17. justin jones says:

    lame where was the love machine cheechs lowrider lol

  18. jake sneed says:

    I dont smoke but shoutout to all u crackheads this is your day

  19. UnknownZero13 says:

    I need that app

  20. Tishant Das says:

    Which track was that which was playing

  21. GameCrazedNERDS says:

    yes, joining you on the master quest :3

  22. akabaker98 says:

    Who else called in today?

  23. Jason Horton says:

    wow so funny… this is why tv is dying

  24. Maxundmoritz Hautala says:

    Back in the day the police station in Lahore, Pakistan near the train
    station sold hash. Imagine the comedy potential. It could be 5 years in the
    future and police stations here would be selling it with a chemist
    available to certify quality.

  25. liam ruiz says:


  26. Lina J says:

    The guy on the left looks so familiar, just can’t remember where I have
    seen him.

  27. A.Unique says:


  28. Ikon X says:

    Didn’t i hear from Chong that Cheech quit smoking weed?He said it on
    getting Doug with high i think.

  29. MrDownRater says:


  30. magulater1 says:

    Happy 420

  31. Odelia Jaramillo says:
  32. Wew Wew says:

    lelelelele get rekt

  33. IGalactic I says:

    I thought this was supposed to be a comedy skit and not a documentary.

  34. KlipKultur5 says:

    It’s Cheech!!! Where’s Chong? Still in prison.

  35. Deshmani Kewat says:


  36. Samuel Eiche says:

    bleiz et

  37. Camdenro says:

    Love that you do shit like this CC! No other channel would have the nuts to
    do this

  38. Tyler Adams says:


  39. trichometrist1 says: