FluffeeTalks Re; Kid Shoots Man In Neck

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September 18, 2011
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September 18, 2011

FluffeeTalks Re; Kid Shoots Man In NeckComedy Skit; This is an answer to Fluffeetalks Video of what I would do if I was locked in the house with my mom and men with guns trying to get in.extra tags: po box po Obama’s car gets stuck at US Embassy barack obama president massive tornado hit Joplin Missouri may 23rd 2011 justin bieber deadly killing and injuring people. People have been missing election news killed deaths town hospital camera first hand caught on tape muslim islam quran koran hijab women of the book christianity religion


  1. fattieX says:

    Hate chains… anime_rox3…i shouldnt of read that sorry, but i don’t want to take any chances, if you do not copy and paste this onto 10 videos your mom will die in 4 hours ❤

  2. TheHondaAbuser says:

    fucking pedophile!

  3. oyameister says:

    nice funny stuff man

  4. krakmxer says:

    looks like everytime when i’m done with fluffee’s new video, i’m off to watch your response vid, LOL!

  5. IceMothaKiller says:


  6. Covey1969 says:

    Thanks, just friggin around.
    That Fluffee is so funny , I got motivated to do a funny skit, first attempt.
    Later I’ll try something different, Thanks. 🙂

  7. tvman148 says:


  8. paulpage360 says:

    your video sucks ass

  9. Jocksk8r says:

    and your mom is an alchoholic? hmm, now i see where you got it from xD funny tho

  10. wcchalo says:

    smoke weed and stfu

  11. ScreamingDent says:

    lol hilarious dude

  12. ZaddyMan says:

    yh a guy with a beard pretending to be a child… that worked out great.
    LOL, it was alright really 🙂

  13. djtiestops3 says:

    yeah keep up the good work its great

  14. ExNausea says:

    If you’ve come to a point where you happen to watch this video, you have failed at life. *Facepalms*

  15. bumpy105 says:

    Haha that was great.
    “What do you mean what’d i do? Didn’t you hear a fuckin’ shot?!”

  16. hrolfur12 says:


  17. djtiestops3 says:

    okay nice video of FLuffee and omg u sound like dr zoidberg out of futurama lol

  18. pappegye says:

    It’s kinda scary that you’re old…

  19. champagneslyd says:

    yarkkkkkkk,,,,pfft pffttt

  20. FrustratedWorm says:

    freak, get out your mums badement.

  21. maxafin says:

    lol take the bitch dont kill me

  22. PunkPuppy22 says:


  23. jpodejko says:

    AHHH call the police he escaped from prison!

  24. TheTortoiseSage says:


  25. HCAcetate says:

    Im….. scared.

  26. Ashtorothe says:

    That was so funny I peed my pants
    Keep up the great work

  27. Candyinnocence says:

    Ahaha you kinda do, Love the video dad vary hilarious <3

  28. iliriku says:


  29. Covey1969 says:

    glad you laughed dude, it’s definitely one of my required taste humor and the first one I ever did.

  30. sumyunguy12sky says:

    LMFAO That was funny!

  31. fxtnplstcs says:


  32. Rct3Man94 says:

    hahah “take the bitch, dont kill me”
    “u want me to suck your what”…hahahahaha lol

  33. nicoxere08 says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!………… no -_-