Dollar Store 3 ( Pranks)

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December 30, 2011
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December 31, 2011

Dollar Store 3 ( Pranks)Boldly goes on another Dollar Store Adventure.


  1. BoldlyPoliPranks says:

    @NorCalBear209 yea lol

  2. The7jason7 says:

    ask how much a bunch of things are

  3. melo15813 says:

    Lamoo your the only person I have seen to did a video at a mostly black store are you in the hood? Lol most people only mess with Asians lol

  4. badlilbitch55 says:



    lmfao fuckn hilarious

  6. Nellz25 says:

    Lol nice guy

  7. JDBCreations says:

    That guy at 3:56 is cool. Seemed like he’d be a cool guy to chill with lol. The lady at 1:29 reminds me of Margot Kidder.


    @melo15813 trenton.

  9. NorCalBear209 says:

    wow threatened to call the cops?!

  10. Trendyrapslut says:

    3:29 not as bad as what this camera shows lady

  11. BoldlyPoliPranks says:

    @melo15813 Trenton NJ

  12. FATToney12 says:

    OMG. I started laughing when you mentioned dinosaurs. “I wish dinosaurs was still around.” “… think we could ride em.”

  13. Falcons8455 says:

    lol at the guy that said “im doin better than you i think”

  14. tehnewsguy says:

    You look like the hunchback of Notre dame walking all bent over like that. LoL

  15. Alipranks says:

    lol Boldly, what camera do you use?

  16. Trendyrapslut says:

    3:29 not as bad as what thuis camera shows lady