Bout 2 Piss Myself Prank

Room B – Green Crack Cannabis Grow – Part 3
January 3, 2012
Just a normal saturday morning… Part 6
January 3, 2012

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  1. enigmacsg says:

    haha nice! 

  2. MaDGriZz78 says:

    more annoying people lol good vid tho

  3. llmetalll says:

    Lol you scared that old lady.

  4. hessy0969 says:

    First viewer nice homie

  5. moviemaniac180 says:

    you should wet your pants with water and say where’s the bathroom! i have already pissed myself a little lol

  6. BeatriceSteinberg says:

    A little jumping up and down might of helped.

  7. moviemaniac180 says:

    @tehnewsguy haha thanks for improving my comment man lol lets see if Boldly would be up for the challenge apple juice would be classic!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. tehnewsguy says:

    @moviemaniac180 better yet he should carry a bottle of diluted apple juice, turn his back to shoppers, pretend he’s unzipping his pants and taking a leak while facing a corner, then zip up his pants, turn around and drink from the bottle while his gf is filming people’s reactions. lolol

  9. huhy888 says:

    say your about to poop yourself next time cos o diarrhea 🙂