Audra McDonald Sings Yahoo! Answers


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Audra McDonald Sings Yahoo! AnswersJimmy has Tony Award-winning Audra McDonald sing replies to real Yahoo! Questions after a suggestion from the audience. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:

50 comments on “Audra McDonald Sings Yahoo! Answers

  1. Elizabeth A on

    Lol I thought this was a new segment. I’ve always loved Yahoo Answers.
    Something good can come out of it. 

  2. TheTrippleTKA on

    Fellas! This isn’t new! They’ve done it before, LOT funnier ones. Go watch

  3. strongstartownipan on

    Come on, there are so many better questions than that AND there was
    practically more talking than singing! They weren’t really trying with this

  4. dancing4EvEr72602 on

    Question: why is my poop blue
    Answer: are you cookie monster
    Askers rating (5stars) yes.

    That was a real one XD

  5. coolkidd329 on

    It’s getting hard to find good weed in NYC now a days.

    Obama I’ll forgive all your mistakes just legalize weed

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