week 6 veg. small cfl grow.

Growing weed finding the right spot part 2
April 11, 2014
April 11, 2014

week 6 veg. small cfl grow.Cfl grow. Dyna grow, heavy 16, and GH nutrients plus homemade tea.


  1. Smitty FourTwenty says:

    I luv CFLs for veg. I would pick those over anything if you know how to do
    it. but of course HPS is the best by far for bloom. I’m using the Dyna-Gro
    bases also too right now with some Advanced Nutrients additives in my grow
    with my card. Look forward for future updates when you put those girls
    under the HPS……….

  2. green Michigan says:

    Some reason I was unable to reply to you. I veg with cfl I see no need to
    use My or Led when I see the same results. As far as flowering I will be
    using 1200-2000 watts hps with co2. Should be a nice harvest

  3. CelestialSeeds says:

    Nice canopy bro! looking good!

  4. lowrider94ss says:

    Wow ur doin a great job w cfls just imagin if u upgraded to hid ud REALLY b
    killin it. Keep it up u will b a pro in notime