VaderVision – AMA II

Perpetual Vipar LED Grow Update 3
March 26, 2014
Slow Motion Bong Hit – American Glass 14mm Upline from Brothers With Glass – Amsterdam Weed Review
March 26, 2014

VaderVision - AMA IIASK ME ANYTHING! The Second of possibly many more AMA’s? Fire Away… DWC Extraordinaire! https:// Thanks for Watching and Su…


  1. Terp Grease says:

    You just laid it down! Great video, glad to see some one bringing real
    facts to the table! Thank you sir!

  2. dirtybongwater grows says:

    fog ponics and aqua ponics would love to see them from you. i would love to
    hear the next vid on fem seeds, hope you stay safe and stay medicated 

  3. JS Maine says:

    I am growing in super soil and I think I’m having some ph issues. The water
    going in has a ph of 6.5 but the run off was around 4. How do I go about
    correcting the ph of the soil? I’m using ph drops so I know it’s not an
    issue with my meter. Thanks for the great info. Keep the videos coming. 

  4. GreenMountainGrow says:

    Thank you!

  5. GoldenStateOfMind says:

    Thank you for your AMA’s…

  6. BIGMACK WSD says:

    Thats right bro good video, im also from DAGO BORN AND RAISED…Locked down

  7. SuperHighMexican says:

    AN vs CANA whats your take on that 

  8. scratchandsniffpony says:

    Some great Info here thanks for the upload 

  9. citrusaroma says:

    This was very informative! I would recommend if you do an AMA for reddit to
    avoid r/trees and just msg a mod for r/microgrowery, the sub reddit
    dedicated to growing. Your Knowledge is invaluable for people growing. I
    feel like there is a ton of bad genetics companies who trick people though
    marketing. Love your here your thoughts on hps vs led

  10. NIKK420 says:

    Great show brotha 

  11. TheLoneWolf247 . says:

    CBD crew have linked with a few seed outlets and i think dutch passion have
    a kush strain that is EQUAL in THC and CBD @ 7% each. We are getting there

  12. Tyrannabudz says:

    Move to CO!!
    Please LOL Good Luck in L.A.

  13. SourBogBubble says:

    Thanks for the share man. If you do the /r/trees use the mods of it. This
    way its showcased and isn’t a random pop in with an ama. And it can be
    warned that a breeder is coming to answer questions.

  14. brookfieldr says:

    I’ll be trying your stuff out shortly pretty excited

  15. SirSly420 says:

    I’m really interested in aquaponics really cool stuff I saw a guy on
    doomsday preppers that did aquaponics and harvested the algae then pressed
    out the oils and turned it into biodiesel … I’m not brave enough to apply
    it to cannabis but if you do it’ll be an epic series to watch . Peace bro 

  16. Robin Haag says:


  17. Ray NoLove says:

    Tuned in!! Thanks for the video…im always learning something new.

  18. shazfro . says:

    what would be the best solution for a root bound plant in DWC? the root
    ball is almost solid. will slicing the root ball help the roots to grow
    downwards i have moved the plant from a 25l bucket into a 50l but the roots
    still in a ball shape and havent loosend up???

  19. xPHnerdx says:

    Great vid

  20. Slurp says:

    Ive flowered in 10 hours of light for a couple years now,its my opinion
    that my harvest’s have been slightly bigger, than when I ran 12 hrs of
    light for flowering! peace

  21. CannaHeaven says:

    Nice Q&A Vader, wish I could get my hands on some of your clones now I know
    what your selection criteria is

  22. Joe N says:

    I work for a great collective would love to talk about whatever you might
    be able to offer or viseversa

  23. TheLoneWolf247 . says:

    yes, i have noticed the fluctuating PH in coco, i have no meters so i use
    guess work (i look at the leafs) but i think i am around 5.8-6.5 ish :)

  24. Joseph Kelly says:

    Tryin to get alien abduction here in uk any other seed banks
    have your stock rhino seeds out of stock any help cheers!

  25. NEGreenThumb says:

    Thanks Vader

  26. peyotewalrus27 says:

    Is there a difference in vigor when u take a clone from a seed vs. a clone
    from a clone from a clone… like that Multiplicity movie w/ Michael

  27. Erik Coleman says:

    You’re the man Vador

  28. tear from the clouds says:

    veder for pres!!! great content…

  29. SKULLMARBLES says:

    nice video brother. \,,/

  30. redeyejediful says:

    So many bums on youtube. Most dont keep their word. Many just talk about
    them selves and have crappy videos. Lots don’t reply…thanks for not being
    one of them. Your a different bred Vader! Keep on keeping on bro.

  31. Bahaga Tenorio says:

    Funky Music 

  32. DankAlchemist says:

    better luck with f1s or f2 for elite keepers?

  33. 34jbernard says:

    excellent information thank you for your effort VADER

  34. tom cellic says:

    great vid thanks for answering my male feminized seed question. ill keep
    plugin away thanks, now let me know if your ever in co. SALUTE

  35. Cornfed Dread H3Farms says:

    Cant wait for tge clone info the drift or change s that occur when continue
    to clone a clonne an at times use not a healthy mom for cuttings . I have
    had to trash strains due to this. Been big topic with my friend i share my
    geneticd with.

  36. TheLoneWolf247 . says:

    Pause vid:
    VADER, quick Q.,..i have some Northern lights regular seeds from Sensi
    seeds, they are close to 20 years old, i only have around 3-4 left, none
    have EVER germinated,..NOW i know why Mr Genius Vader :), Question is, what
    kind of hormone do i need to reactivate the seeds to sprout?, thats man, i
    need this info for sure..cheers.

  37. qwer ty says:

    Thanks for answering the RO question! love seeing new vids from you man,
    keep it up! and good luck on the move

  38. venkman420 says:

    Thanks for the awesome videos! Would love to see something on fogponics! 

  39. peyotewalrus27 says:

    Whats ur education background? Fuck YES fogponic!!!!!! Finally Lol

  40. ClosetGrown420 says:

    i’ve heard alot about hygro hybrid but you have to pay to watch his video’s.
    even though its only 1 dollar a month i don’t find it worth it since there
    are so many great youtubers like Vader, Growing With Mr. Tight, Medicropper
    Ect.. putting out great content free.

  41. The 1 LB. CLUB says:

    Awesome that your moving up here! If u need a hand I’m right here. I also
    know the SFValley very very well.

  42. Roman Izaboss says:

    Fogponics! I tried it a couple of times, cant not the atomizer from