UG Growing Marijuana Outdoor [part two]

Royal Haze Automatic THE GROW – The Harvest Part 1 of 2
August 15, 2011
august 12th 2011 outdoor marijuana grow
August 15, 2011

UG Growing Marijuana Outdoor [part two]Growing in Oregon


  1. Rcee01 says:

    one day i too will grow my own..

  2. reyo88 says:

    @outsidethebox82 awh shit dries out aye? :/ damn

  3. intenzity14 says:

    love the soma style boxes….. they will settle in nice for flower….looking sweet…. I did an update on the 22nd, check it out

  4. reyo88 says:

    Shit son! you must harvest like 5 kilo from that crop brother?!?!

  5. outsidethebox82 says:

    @reyo88 yea…dry

  6. outsidethebox82 says:

    @WeCannabis thank u

  7. WeCannabis says:

    awesome man

  8. outsidethebox82 says:

    @Rcee01 get legal bro. its so much fun…..

  9. outsidethebox82 says:

    @reyo88 i got a lil over a pound

  10. nightflierlives says: