Thoughts on Dabbing; While Dabbing….

March 29, 2015
Game of the Year: 420BLAZEIT!
March 29, 2015

Dabs Vs. Flowers…… etc etc. 🙂 ====[)


  1. W.l. Jackson says:

    Nice weed nerd!!!

  2. Plant DeGarden says:
  3. toneyo 420 says:

    o ya and thats water hash i smoke at night i really dont like bho. its
    kinda scary lol.

  4. toneyo 420 says:

    yes i get way more of a good high when i vape or smoke herb.its like bho
    has no soul!

  5. toneyo 420 says:

    i like to vape flowers.

  6. toneyo 420 says:

    yes when i smoke i get more of a sleepy high more lade back high. that is
    why i like to vape for the taste and the high.i dont like feeling sleepy in
    the day time thats why i only smoke hash at night. and good hash doesnt
    taste so nasty when combusted or smoked.

  7. Grow Colorado says:

    dabs, i could taken or leave em. originally from pennsylvania they are a
    rather new form smoking cannabis

  8. Green Clouds says:

    Im with toneyo 420, i prefer vaping flowers (vriptech 007 kit for me).
    BHO gives me a headache no matter how good (award winning) it is.