TGA Subcool Jillybean Harvest

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July 29, 2012
Marijuana Plants 2 & 3 Weeks: Outdoor Grow Update 1
July 29, 2012

TGA Subcool Jillybean HarvestMatt Mernagh harvest TGA Subcool Jillybean marijuana strain. Not too many people grow Subcool marijuana seeds in Toronto, not sure why this one turned out fantastic.


  1. funkykush519 says:


  2. Mernahuana says:

    thanks for the love!! have many more strains to show u

  3. errlvapers says:

    nice, i’m growing plushberry

  4. douglasriley says:

    she looks great matt, TGA=DANK

  5. SlowBoat420 says:

    Those nugs look fucking amazing, nice grow Matt.

  6. 1rs11ch4d11rs1 says:


  7. Chris153758 says:

    Really? Can you say what kinds of problems they had?

  8. Chris153758 says:

    Matt, have you ever grown BC Mango from BC Bud Depot? If you have, how did it turn out?

  9. Chris153758 says:

    Ok, thanks for the heads-up. I appreciate it.

    Who do you recommend?

  10. Mernahuana says:

    oh its very drool worthy

  11. Mernahuana says:

    thanks! turned out fantastic

  12. Charside says:

    Loooooves the Netflix!!! 🙂

  13. itsmonopoli says:

    Mmmm TGA Subcool genetics..

  14. Mernahuana says:

    not getting seeds, getting wrong seeds, just not a reliable seed source

  15. Sir Piffington says:

    Very nice Chernobyl and Agent O are winners as well.

  16. OgkushCanada says:

    extreme blizzard warning for the toronto area :)

  17. Mernahuana says:

    i dont intend to grow any BC Bud Depot seeds as some friends report way to many problems

  18. LazyRain420 says:

    I love your channel Matt!!! You do so many different strains and let us see each one. Also netflix and cannabis is like peas and carrots.

  19. bluefly28 says:

    x files is fuckin awesome

  20. Mernahuana says:

    lemme know what u think of Plushberry

  21. ObzeRveTheBand says:

    tga baby,gotta love it..!:)

  22. errlvapers says:

    bro, i’ll be letting everyone know!