SUBLBC SHOW 3-31-2013


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SUBLBC SHOW 3-31-2013Send your questions to: OR send them to me on Facebook: Sorry for the Robotic Voice, it will go away aft…

48 comments on “SUBLBC SHOW 3-31-2013

  1. tooncesc on

    Mother Plant nutrients are nothing special. Try Hesi TNT Complex its a combo organic/synthetic 1 part. for Coco. They make a straight hydro grow as well if you like it salty.

  2. screwsloose52 on

    To the guy with ptsd. Stick with indica maybe a true og or platinum og. I have ptsd. Sativas (speedy weed) activates some ptsd symptoms. Lots if sativas make you think a lot.

  3. screwsloose52 on

    Atami ata is fucking awesome! Too bad its not allowed in the states. Bcuzz is garbage

  4. chrisy8285 on

    love the show. ..if it wasn’t for you I would not have a clue how to clone. .thanx from Chris from Glasgow Scotland in the United Kingdom. thay grow gods happy. .peace

  5. Dabkilla on

    About the whole not getting high any,ore thing.. I got that same problem I think it has a lot to do with smoking the same strain a lot and I have 4 strains to choose but variety is the spice of life ….lol…peace

  6. Liam Duff on

    I’m not sure what the fuck happened, but that not even close to what I attempted to post as comment. Make a long story longer… Just wanted to say, thanks for all you’ve done, and if your ever in the coachella Valley & need anything that doesn’t involve being naked, I would be there for you. Seriously Liam

  7. Brown Mista.Brown on

    @growingforfreedom How could you forget about spider mites? Just cause they aren’t one of the bugs that are a problem to you doesn’t mean this guy doesn’t have them infesting.

  8. Liam Duff on

    Your love for this plant, combined with the fact that people are willing to donate money to your operation in Lou (yeah, I know th

  9. hank586 on

    In maine me as a caregiver I can not sell meds to shops so that means they have to grow there own and they suck. They just got caught with over 9 chems on there buds but I guess that’s good for me lol

  10. danclick1 on

    I have recently using facilator in veg and have seen amazing results. great branching tighter nodes, just better all around structure. only product from aptus I use. im like you I like to try new shit in veg

  11. SirSly420 on

    Lmao at the robo voice , it reminds me of eminems Christopher Reeves skit ! I freaking love it

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