Small Green House Tour with Jorge Cervantes


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Small Green House Tour with Jorge CervantesHere’s a video tour of a nice, small green house you can easily make yourself! If you want to ask me questions, I hang out at my new Marijuana Growing (

46 comments on “Small Green House Tour with Jorge Cervantes

  1. troglodita6000 on

    they do two artificial harvest ( by darkening the room every night) and a normal one in september. After each artificial harvest they expose´╗┐ the plants to the may/june july sun, and so the plants start revegging and new colas pop out

  2. jolinick69 on

    I wish I had a grow! Anyone needs a labor I m available lol.´╗┐ Seriously tho I m available.

  3. Jorge Cervantes on

    Please come to my website and I´╗┐ will be happy to answer all your questions. the site is listed just above under “show more”

  4. stalkerlohh on

    no buddy, no, re vegging takes at least on month..they have no time for is much wiser to use new clones´╗┐ that are vegging in a regular greenhouse . think man, think !

  5. Mugwamps Thuglife on

    on those huge plants do u top or fim them or will they´╗┐ get that high/big if u do that and u allways say to trim the dead stuff doest the plat have to heal the spot where u pulled/cut the leaf i was told it stops growing to heal is this true

  6. alan moreira on

    Jorge entra ein contato comigo manda´╗┐ uns bads de presente pra min plx vlw abra├žo.

  7. TokinMystic12 on

    thats right man. Hydroponics will NEVER achieve the qulity and spirit´╗┐ of an Outsoor ORGANIC / Greenhouse / and in the wild cannabis like in the Himalayas .

  8. Amber Farmer on

    No re-vegging involved, just restarting after 8 weeks with´╗┐ fresh clones.
    If they were to “revegitate” those plants it’ll take them atleast a whole season just to get those plants healthy and growing again.

  9. AMagicalUsername on

    Quick tip: You can watch this and many othe rvideos with the youtube HTML5 player instead of flash. Go here youtube com/html5 to join the html5 test.´╗┐ You can just add &html5=1 to the end of a youtube URL to watch, share, and embed as well. Cheers

  10. psalmsofplanets0722 on

    “perfectly square rectangle” Probably the reason´╗┐ math teachers hate pot heads

  11. TrifeLife510 on

    Love growing´╗┐ in greenhouses and outdoor nothing better for a plant than natural sunlight and a real breeze not a fan making them stalky well thats my opinion to each his own but love what you do Jorge .

  12. MrCalikush93 on

    Anyone wanna help me out check out my grow on my´╗┐ channel ….in need of advice peace & love

  13. noliaboy57 on

    Man I wish I could come and meet you, you make Awsome videos and I would shake your´╗┐ hand and get as much info as I could

  14. EightSixZeroSeven SevenOneEight on

    This is cool! I just got a PSN card code for FREE! :D´╗┐ freepsncodes(dot)cc

  15. Benswan187 on

    @TrifeLife510 On the´╗┐ sunlight side of things I totally agree, you simply cannot beat sunlight! But as for the fan/wind side of things it makes absolutely no difference.

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