See Jane Smacked ~ Ep.1 ~ Raw Double Barrel Smoke Sesh ~ 8.22.2014

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August 31, 2014
LST & HST Training; Cannabis Patient’s Outdoor Patio Grow
August 31, 2014

See Jane Smacked ~ Ep.1 ~ Raw Double Barrel Smoke Sesh ~ 8.22.2014Get comfy! Long Frieday night Smoke Sesh enjoying two King Size Cones in my new Raw Double Barrel Joint Holder in my grow room! Danks for watching Please Like, Subscribe & Comment down below!…


  1. Mr619jose619 says:

    Jane have you tried blue Magoo or Micky kush they are good strong strains.
    Love your vids

  2. Vanzetti12 says:

    You should put your girlfriend in one of your videos! Is she a stoner too?

  3. Emilio Ortiz says:

    Dope shirt where did you get it

  4. Bree Perry says:

    After a stressful morning, you make me happy again just with this video.
    I’ll miss your sub unboxing’s but can’t wait to see what else you’ll be
    coming out with. Happy early birthday. Mines Sep. 6th… Too bad we
    couldn’t celebrate together. Haha. One ♥…

  5. soad3192 - adam_kilo says:

    Hey Jane, thanks for the “money talk” it will really help me with my
    spending habits… I love the way you just talk about random stuff it
    really makes your vids interesting… its better than just smoking and not
    saying anything… also I gave this vid a “thumbs up”…
    Thanks again
    Peace n Pot

  6. 625Greengirl says:

    Raw papers are just more hemp i love the organic ones and i don’t cough if
    i use my hemp-wick butane sucks :p

  7. Kristina Grabowski says:

    I swear, I could be in a bad m

  8. JewishLumberjack says:

    I love Raw Hemp papers, they don’t seem to have the same harshness as the
    normal type. Best even burn granted by a paper, in my opinion.

  9. willboyles says:

    The only thing that would make it better is if there were two or more
    different strains in there

  10. TelepathicT says:

    Honestly loved this vid Jane 🙂 stay high!

  11. activemailorder6 says:

    This is 100x better than getting Doug with High! lol

  12. bubmurphy says:

    that coffee mug is winning

  13. Xarrisse Townsend says:

    Thank you for sharing your money saving tips. I am trying to plan out a
    budget for myself and a lot for my cannabis wants and this helped me a lot.
    I just have to try not to forget where I put the envelope’s a bad
    habit of mine. You are an awesome person and I get a smile on my face every
    time I see you posted a new vid. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I hope you
    party your ass off!!! Lol 

  14. Jeremy Hoover says:

    Get rid of the crappy and make room for the happy! I like it. your vids are
    Very informative. Im going on a jane dro marathon. Question: is it even
    worth trying to get keif from regular weed? I got some, but it is sooooo
    very little. Thanks Keep up the great work. Im subscribed.

  15. ZJfire says:

    That reminds me of when I was younger I was helping my mom clean out a
    clients house (my mom was/is an attorney) and anyways we basically found
    envelopes full of money that she kept from the end of the week ever since
    she started working. There where millions sadly the client didn’t know
    about it she wanted all of it thrown out, but me and my mom told her about
    it and I believe on her last will and testimony she donated all of her
    money to Charity. It really builds up over a life time.

  16. Antonio Olivardía says:

    Awesome video, keep em up!

  17. Matt Lieb says:

    Your vids are dope! And that shirt is way cool. What is a cone btw?? I feel
    like a noob for asking lol

  18. Tangle Foot says:

    YOU’RE pushing 40? SHUT UP! I’d have thought you had at least 10 or 11
    years to go before the big four-oh…. Huffing ganja keeps us young! :-D

  19. Mike says:

    I got one of those recently but haven’t used it. RAW makes the best papes,
    IMO. I’m cougher too, especially from a bong, but RAW papers seem pretty

  20. GotThatGraffiti says:

    Do u have an Instagram?

  21. Angel Espinoza says:


  22. winter richardson says:

    I’m so glad she did this on my birthday :D

  23. Dick Nixon says:

    +Jane Dro Did you say your B-day is Sept. 8th? You said it kind of quickly,
    anyway if so mine is the same day. That’d be cool to share a stoney

    Also, I just wanted to say thanks for the ‘money talk’, I think Ill save my
    $1 bills now, and all your videos. 

  24. Vintage Michael says:

    I dig the cones. Very pricey but well worth it. Does Juicy carry cones…
    no flavors, no whites or chemicals is the goal.

    I’m big on saving as well. If you save you have to work less and if you
    have to work less you can live more or work things of your choice. 

  25. Ian Alekzander says:

    Are you still doing your Baked Baking videos?

  26. frankie44193 says:

    Just saying, you look awesome for “nearly 40″

  27. Improvised Solutions says:


  28. Shana Lawson says:

    Do you have any place to contact you besides comments on here? I don’t have
    a twitter lol On another note I was wanting to hug my screen when you were
    giving the financial advice, also wanted to shove my husbands face to the
    screen and make him watch it over and over and over again till he gets it

  29. Sara Schreiber says:

    I like how mellow you are. Been watching you from the start

  30. Edm860 says:

    I would cuddle you so hard…Peace <3

  31. 7DUCKiES says:

    I hear that u got the blacchollywood album

  32. matanuska high says:

    i like raw, ..they dont cover up the flavor of the ganja

  33. Ian Alekzander says:

    You should at least keep one subscription box. Pweeze. ='(

  34. Quiannia Carthens says:

    i enjoyed this video, i was so high!!! thanks for always sending good

  35. TelepathicT says:

    But you didn’t finish the two jaysss :O

  36. Steven Dennis says:

    You’re badass ! Keep making videos keep fighting for legal cannabis for

  37. Sara Schreiber says:

    By the way juicy j are my favvvv. Toooo

  38. dirtybongwater grows says:

    always a pleasure to watch your vids good down to earth vid. glad to see
    you get a lil high and smile away. hope you stay safe and stay medicated