Room A – Super Diesel Haze Cannabis Grow – Part 1

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Room A - Super Diesel Haze Cannabis Grow - Part 1Just going over my method for topping this round, hope you enjoy!

26 comments on “Room A – Super Diesel Haze Cannabis Grow – Part 1

  1. sensamilaman08 on

    everything looking great,,have you ever FIM the shorter plants tops instead of completly toping to remain the overall canopy heighth? Just curious, as this seems too work great for me and some of those occuard little ones.. 🙂

  2. GreecoGrown on

    Sounds like you need a break. Can’t wait to see how the blue dream did, it looks like you have a ton of nice colas.

  3. ygli69 on

    How long did you let the Blue dream go for ? 63 days? or more ?
    looking great with the SDH . very robust plant. high preformence i hope . good yeilder and so on…

  4. 81Kush on

    @McBudski Before Flowering my plants i use azamax and spray the entire plant top bottom stem and soil surface outside of teh pot and completely spray each plant. let the plants dry then put them in a 24hr darkness before you turn your lights bac to 12/12 this gives the plants a very good preventatie measure thru the next 50 days of flowering leme know what you think i have never had mites or pest using preventative measures like this

  5. NWGreenThumb on

    Looks like your setup for a stellar run! Keep up the good work, i know how much effort you have to put into these efforts… your doing the community a service… thanks for the updates!


  6. McBudski on

    do you spray with any preventative measure for bugs or mites on those??
    just wondering bc you a real OG hope you will help answer my watering in my flood table someone time lol

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