How to get huge white root zones by using agricultural based nutrients
March 25, 2014
LED Swap Day 38 Veg + BONUS!!
March 25, 2014

RECORD BREAKING LIVE STREAM ATTEMPT! Come take part in HISTORY! CALL HIM NOW! Let Lou Correa know that banning concentrates is WRONG AND STUPID. Proper education is the answer. His office numbers a…


  1. Jordan Turlington says:

    well i got 100% germinatition rate on my seeds germinated

  2. Jordan Turlington says:

    well i guesss it is inbreed lol

  3. fathernature710 says:

    i thought they all do after a 2 month plus cure

  4. Jordan Turlington says:

    super lemon haze i cant wit to grow those again this summer

  5. Jordan Turlington says:

    god i would too if i tried

  6. Jordan Turlington says:

    hell yeah brother i was happy the more i thought about it

  7. Jordan Turlington says:

    theirs 2 phenotype with the AK47

  8. Jordan Turlington says:

    all the strain i just posted got mixed with some blueberry nanner pollen on
    a blueberry female from dutch passion and i literally got hundreds f seeds
    in that min grow about 5 years ago

  9. Jordan Turlington says:

    its K-Train crossed with Dutch passion Blueberry

  10. Jordan Turlington says:

    yes indeed my weed friend

  11. Jordan Turlington says:

    i have skunk X haze regular seeds

  12. fathernature710 says:

    you inbreed it..

  13. Daniel Breadbaskets says:

    just trace it lolol

  14. Jordan Turlington says:

    when you open the mason jar smell it its like candy

  15. fathernature710 says:

    sound tasty..

  16. Jordan Turlington says:

    blueberry is my favorite man you gotta try it

  17. Hoss IVXX says:


  18. fathernature710 says:

    what you think about the blueberry.

  19. Jordan Turlington says:

    they were the freebies i would always get from buying seeds

  20. Mason Andretti says:

    it wont let me click it*

  21. Jordan Turlington says:

    lets i have a few purple wreck seeds left from that california hasplant

  22. Jordan Turlington says:

    K-train is og kush and train wreck breeded by greenhuse seed cmpany

  23. fathernature710 says:

    you should try it see what you think…you will luv it.

  24. Jordan Turlington says:

    about 2 years ago i was given 4 female AK47 clones from a friend and i have
    seeds from it now i made make nanners and i picked the pollen up on a paint
    brush and pollinated the pistils on the calyxes

  25. Jordan Turlington says:

    but i think its pretty dope seeds and the strein is so potent ust be sure t
    grow plenty and store the jars full of blueberry and cure them in mason
    jars for 6 months or more

  26. fathernature710 says:

    can you tell the difference in the taste or it better’since you
    bred it..

  27. fathernature710 says:

    click what mason..

  28. Domeless Tefty says:

    Cheers cheers

  29. Jordan Turlington says:

    im back my lap top shut off on me it overheated lol

  30. Jordan Turlington says:

    2 days i think

  31. Jordan Turlington says:

    yes i actually feel it got a bit stronger and longer lasting high to me
    very euphoric high an the tast is really sweet like berry or just like
    blueberry its amazing and the aroma is to die for.

  32. Jordan Turlington says:

    been growing it for a while now all from one pack of 5 seeds i hade made
    more seeds from those so 🙂

  33. Jordan Turlington says:

    yeah thet be bombay if i had back crossed with a skunk hmmmm

  34. fathernature710 says:


  35. fathernature710 says:

    you need a skunk plant to go with that hash plant.

  36. fathernature710 says:

    looks like you got your moneys worth out the seeds.

  37. Jordan Turlington says:

    like backcross all my strains with a skunk ohhh that be so rad dude

  38. Jordan Turlington says:

    i have chiesel seeds cheers Domeless Tefty

  39. fathernature710 says:

    what strain.

  40. Jordan Turlington says:

    the purple wreck is one the most sticky and frosty resin stacked plants i
    have experienced with its truly the connoisseurs strain

  41. Jordan Turlington says:

    is 12 plants of the same strain over doing for a summer crop in the garden.
    i really don’t think so

  42. fathernature710 says:

    the purple wreck/hash….did it have more of the hash plant taste

  43. Jordan Turlington says:

    i cant wait for the super lemon haze

  44. Dakind brew says:


  45. Jordan Turlington says:

    white widow, violator kush from barneys farm is another fav of mine

  46. Jordan Turlington says:


  47. Jordan Turlington says:

    no it hermied cus i light stressed it and got 100s upun hundreads of seeds
    in a multi strain grow in 2009 i just hade some finished on February 8 but
    it was a low amount so i smoked it up

  48. fathernature710 says:

    i would try 100 of them jorden…lol

  49. fathernature710 says:

    what other crosses you have with the blueberry.

  50. Jordan Turlington says:

    Blueberry ripens to a very intoxicating and complicated profile over time.