Outdoor Marijuana Plants, Outdoor Growing, Rural Areas – Part 4


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Outdoor Marijuana Plants, Outdoor Growing, Rural Areas - Part 4Week 13 for the big plants, from germination. The Pandora auto’s are 23 days from germination. i expected the pandora’s to grow quicker than my regular plants, but at 23 days they are the same size my regular plants were at 30 days, so i am hoping they get to the same size as the big ones were at 8- 10 weeks. which is a good size. I have 2 slightly sick plants, one has light green edges on its lower leaves (just a few), the other’s leaves are curling down, and have a slight dry look to them. the

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  1. The8sidedcircle on

    soil has minerals but no food!! get some fish blood and bone from your garden shop and put it round the top of your plants. also i think your soil medium may be too hard for roots to grow through..
    peace ;o)

  2. TheRuralGrowerMan on

    @The8sidedcircle hi, the soil is quite sandy, and comes from the bank where the bigger ones are, and i mixed in dried cowshit, what ive noticed is, when its wet, its quite dense, this is the first year down the river, and now realise i should of put perlite or the same in with the soil. but i didnt want to add anything that would retain water, the buckets are sitting on a damp river bed. i should of mention, i give them cannabium grow feed twice a week.

  3. TheRuralGrowerMan on

    @The8sidedcircle i was a bit apprehensive about using chemical fertilizers, i didnt want to get out of balance and that see saw effect happening, where ive got to constantly balance it out with chemicals, but i know realise that normal soil will not provide all the nutrients the plants need.

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