Marijuana Strain Wonder Woman


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Marijuana Strain Wonder WomanNirvana Seeds Wonder Woman marijuana strain is shown with some lady bugs crawling on it. Lady bugs are awesome at killing spider mites, which this plant has….

16 comments on “Marijuana Strain Wonder Woman

  1. ObzeRveTheBand on

    thanks too technology,spider mite problem’s have become a thing of the past.”Mighty Wash”.. done.

  2. Andrzej Conner on

    hey Matt, read the second to last sentence in the description, haha it must have been because of the dinafem products dirtybongwater’s talking about haha

  3. dirtybongwater4678 on

    love watching your grows but like the Dinafem grows the most as you can tell big fan of dinafem

  4. Drew Grow on

    Seasonally they sell Lady Bugs at the hydro shop I frequent. I was wondering how long did they live more or less ?

  5. Matt Mernagh on

    yah i have a good inner crew i accept clones from them. this one came from outside it and bam i got spider mites. ganja gawd damn it.

  6. MrJokimaguire on

    i grew 4 clones flipped to 12-12 when they were 18 inch high,10weeks flowerin and got 24.5 oz.aeroponic.

  7. Drew Grow on

    Thanks for the info. I have gotten different problems as a result of other peoples Clones three times. Its a Russian Roulette for sure.

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