Marijuana Strain Hunt – 6 Best Cannabis Varieties


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Marijuana Strain Hunt - 6 Best Cannabis VarietiesCannabis Strain Hunt – Results of a 14 hour road trip. I visit the most experienced marijuana gurus and collect seeds from 6 of the very best cannabis strain…

3 comments on “Marijuana Strain Hunt – 6 Best Cannabis Varieties

  1. juicedcannabis on

    Unless I move to a bigger location, I won’t permit any males. I don’t have a separate enough space to risk it.


    I been trying to get a high CBD strain for a few months now. I been diagnosed with Pre schizophrenia and the psychosis effect in THC make me spazz out and see things. The other effects of the marijuana decreases my anxiety and ease all my other symptoms. The psychosis just isn’t good for schizophrenics. I tried to get seeds from the CBD crew but they never made it through the mail. Are there anyways to get a CBD strain in Illinois?

  3. capricechild92 on

    My super skunk took huge amounts of nutes no problems, and got massive leaves, 4-5 ft from soil. I get about 45% males everytime. Just did 9, and sure enough, 4 males.. I keep the giant odd boys, got one s.skunk and one Aurora indica. Pollen being frozen for next run..

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