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¿Tenemos un receptor cerebral para la marihuana?
December 20, 2014
#54 Dude Grows Show Dropping Science
December 20, 2014

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  1. zigzag healz says:

    run your light on off hours nay your running them on peak hours im not sure
    but I heard from dirtybong said in one of his vids that he runs on off
    hours. Just a thought

  2. 2006P71 says:

    My German shepherd “demon” aggravates me sometimes with his constant pacing
    around me lol. I Was the genius to adopt him from a abusive attack dog
    security company. He came as a pair with his sister sapphire as a two for
    one deal. They’re both sweethearts now who lick kids to death, they still
    get on my nerves though lol. If a butterfly gets between them and the
    public side walk I know lol. One dab and they could wander the neighbours
    yard and I’m not concerned. Trendys for life!

  3. treb sixtwosix says: