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August 29, 2014
Hit and Run #02
August 29, 2014

LIVE! Kevin K!! HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL TRENDYS! come see me live right now all viewers must 18 and up for this video. adult setting, language and activities. Live BF4 with Nay…


  1. undead4206 says:

    i found out bout u from jay vids and sounds and im a fan of trendys

  2. Ras Tafari says:

    Parts of chicago are wild man, theyre turned up out there

  3. teeznutz0 says:


  4. Mrgreen25 Stealth says:

    I was born in chicago

  5. gelt t says:

    you had dana in the studio

  6. teeznutz0 says:

    just subbed up

  7. zero67439 says:

    das nasty

  8. Mrgreen25 Stealth says:


  9. zero67439 says:

    u cant even remmebr tthe size of the dab

  10. gelt t says:

    I would love to meet those guys in person

  11. Mrgreen25 Stealth says:

    I just miss the fucking pizza bro

  12. undead4206 says:

    i got a goat bread too no lie

  13. rui mon says:


  14. undead4206 says:


  15. Ras Tafari says:

    As long as it isnt a Janet Jackson malfunction youre straight

  16. scooby mcclishes says:
  17. teeznutz0 says:

    The tables have turned eh Mr.Nay hahaha

  18. undead4206 says:

    pizza its the super best

  19. zero67439 says:


  20. zero67439 says:

    that sounded nasty

  21. Scott TheRobot says:


  22. trendyassnay says:

    this is an audio recording of Master Shake in my recording studio

  23. Anon Doxer says:

    YOOOO #trendynation

  24. undead4206 says:

    shout out to the shytown

  25. big panda says:

    ur cool bro lol

  26. trendyassnay says:

    yes this is a recording of that

  27. undead4206 says:

    chicago parts are but it where u at and who u know

  28. Mrgreen25 Stealth says:

    Maybe you were playing it on recording

  29. zero67439 says:


  30. undead4206 says:

    where jay hood been ? mia

  31. undead4206 says:

    thanks bro keep it stony

  32. teeznutz0 says:

    Hi Nay, good morning to you good sir. Good morning afternoon and good night

  33. Sink Florida Sink says:

    yeah thats a down ass bitch right there

  34. big panda says:


  35. undead4206 says:

    subsandwich 4 life

  36. Zonal Bowl says:

    Solar hit of some fire Chernobyl flower with a shard of Obama Kush shatter
    on top. Couldn’t be more excited. Cheers.

  37. Sink Florida Sink says:

    Jodie emery is fine too and shes only like 28 Marc is a lucky old fool

  38. big panda says:

    dat cherry pie knocked me out earlier while u started ur show, ma bad

  39. Mrgreen25 Stealth says:

    be drink your ovaltine

  40. teeznutz0 says:

    I gotta do a feed dammit

  41. Mrgreen25 Stealth says:

    Dude wasn’t master shake in our nba teamspeak before

  42. undead4206 says:

    me 2

  43. Ras Tafari says:

    And she rode hard for him while he was in jail in another country, a lot of
    people wont do that

  44. Anon Doxer says:

    catch ya later nay

  45. Mrgreen25 Stealth says:

    Yes, then lived in melrose park and lombard

  46. undead4206 says:

    i do

  47. undead4206 says:

    shouts out to chicago

  48. big panda says:

    I got sum cherry pie rite now, u should make sum hash out of that

  49. rui mon says:

    remember this

  50. Mrgreen25 Stealth says: