LIVE! Another 7:10 my friend!

September 3, 2014
Down to Earth; Cannabis vegging the Smurf way
September 3, 2014

LIVE! Another 7:10 my friend!Trendyas Dabbers Wow! None of my points responded to, but I’m not surprised, you guys are trained in evasiveness and lying. So to address your bullshit points, I am not as much a criminal as…


  1. Dirtlife K says:

    wheres harley?

  2. yuri michigan says:

    nay is the greatest human of all humanity

  3. SmarkS SramS says:

    my country asked their chief science dr professor nutt his opinion on
    cannabis, he told the truth its less harmful than alcohol tobacco xtc etc,
    next minute he was gone they did not want to except scientific findings on
    his opinion was not what they wanted to hear .
    ,we cannot get prescribed cannabis its illegal they offer you their meds
    say if you need help you have to take these if you want to get better. so
    as to get sickpay you get their meds and dont take them=) natures finest i
    say free the weed peace !

  4. yuri michigan says:

    dab 30 in 7 minutes

  5. teeznutz0 says:

    We have a pot smoking Police officer up here in Canada got put out of his
    job for smoking cannabis for PTSD caused by the job. Damn

  6. Trendy Jordan says:

    looks like Hawaii

  7. Doomchaser1 says:

    Ask for a Chief get a master is another saying

  8. Trendy Jordan says:


  9. Trendy Jordan says:

    yess Nay is the great human ever! Cheers Nay

  10. Trendy Jordan says:

    i seen that vid it was dope yo

  11. aaf9666 says:

    just hopped out the shower. bout to get real baked

  12. suapp phaphakdy says:

    That was from sometime this last week yuri

  13. trendyassnay says:
  14. Zonal Bowl says:


  15. SmarkS SramS says:

    what you call that?

  16. Trendy Jordan says:

    Yeah yuri

  17. Da Zeeman says:

    420 I was 42 likes

  18. yuri michigan says:

    i smoke cannabis with cannabis acessories (hank hill voice)

  19. Trendy Jordan says:

    lmfao at dooms post

  20. Zonal Bowl says:

    “naz darovia” – russian salute

  21. aaf9666 says:

    i sell cocaine and cocaine accessories

  22. Dirtlife K says:


  23. SmarkS SramS says:

    to many chiefs not enough Indians is a saying .

  24. Doomchaser1 says:

    haha break cali into islands because of the drought

  25. SmarkS SramS says:

    lets bake trendys

  26. Dirtlife K says:

    cat hair on a dab

  27. lee mackay says:

    So I almost made it today hahaha I lurked a bit but this no laptop action
    has to go. used nothing but a phone this year for online and its worn out
    its coolness Lol trendy on brother !!!

  28. SmarkS SramS says:


  29. violentz313 says:

    Might cough less if you purge longer, sounds like a lot of sizzle going on

  30. SmarkS SramS says:

    without coughing lol

  31. Zonal Bowl says:

    a humble human indeed

  32. yuri michigan says:

    i seen a vid where he blew a o through a o through a o

  33. Dirtlife K says:

    came to wake n bake with nay lol

  34. Doomchaser1 says:

    not enough time for me roll 1..

  35. teeznutz0 says:

    May the Schwartz be with youuuuu

  36. SmarkS SramS says:

    whats your world record on blowing rings ney?

  37. yuri michigan says:

    and blew and o threw an o that then went through another o

  38. Dirtlife K says:

    I haven’t seen him since that night you were trying to get him to chase the
    laser pointer, he used to come on your lap when you were smoking more often

  39. yuri michigan says:

    you were doing o’s

  40. Trendy Jordan says:


  41. SmarkS SramS says:

    looks volcanic shatter

  42. yuri michigan says:

    im not a real russian lol

  43. suapp phaphakdy says:

    Oh that yogurt lol

  44. yuri michigan says:


  45. suapp phaphakdy says:

    I’m tired as fuck

  46. Da Zeeman says:


  47. Da Zeeman says:

    better get ready

  48. Trendy Jordan says:

    ima dye in a minute lol