Is it wrong for the federal government to step in and make laws for us concerning marijuana % cocain, growing?

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September 28, 2010
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September 28, 2010
Marijuana Growing
no vanilla for me asked:

and using?
I don’t think it is, I think it’s good that that’s against the law, but seeing as how the republicans are so against the federal government regulating things and all!
What about the federal government making laws concerning marriage, should the feds be defining marriage as a role between a man and a woman?


  1. fdm215 says:

    No. That’s part of their responsibility.

  2. OGRE!!! says:

    “No. That’s part of their responsibility.”

    I’m confused as to when, exactly, Americans threw all sense of personal responsibility by the wayside. Be responsible for yourselves and stop letting the federal government do your thinking for you.

  3. RunningOnMT says:

    I am a conservative and I know people think we are all narrow minded and stuffy about such things, but it has always seemed to me that a person has a natural right to ingest anything he chooses. By natural right I mean one that is self evident, above any law, such as those enumerated in the constitution.

    Furthermore it would seem obvious that the “war on drugs” hasn’t worked. Most illicit drugs are cheaply manufactured. I think it might be a good idea if the government started providing them via some sort of government pharmacies to those who have a verified addiction. My concern here is for the safety of the general public which are often victims of crime commited by those seeking to purchase the drugs at the relatively high street price.

    My thought is that by doing this you could put the criminal organizations which traffic in drugs out of business and also eliminate the “need” for anyone to commit crime in order to purchase them.

    Having said all of the above I would stress however that those who as a result of using drugs commit crimes or act otherwise inappropriately must be held accountable for their actions. “I was high” is no excuse for bad behavior.

  4. Xicanoamerikanohispanolatinoamer says:

    two different drugs, two different substances.

    You CAN NOT measure both with the same scoop

    Cocaine is harmful and chemical and it is associate with crime.

    Cocaine is harvested in south america and American cartels control all laboratories down there.

  5. Sammy says:

    i think its better to just avoid laws and stick to legal highs off of salvia, k2, or wild kratom