Is it OK to use grub x on a growing Marijuana plant?

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Marijuana Growing
Ricky T asked:

Would it be harmful to the plant or beneficial? Don’t Worry its a environmental project for a college summer class.

4 comments on “Is it OK to use grub x on a growing Marijuana plant?

  1. meg420c on

    haha….sure its an environmental project!! Mine too. I wouldn’t use any nutrients or plant food that was meant for lawns, such as grub x. Check out your local hydropontic store (yes people actually grow veggies hydropontically) and see what nutrients, etc they reccomend for ”roses”. That is the closest match that is legal. I used Miracle Gro Rose plant food and my plants turned out wonderful!

  2. meanolmaw on

    no….there’s no need to put another chemical into the ground if there’s no BUG there to kill…. if you don’t have grubs there, why would you need it?????…….

  3. ♥ HI ♥ on

    no , unless the plants are for decoration.

    Grubex contains Halfenozide, which is poisonous to humans, and is a residual chemical, which means it stays in the soil for up to 4 months. and its really meant to be used before you see grub damage not after

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