..If I Ruled The World…

Dude Grows Show Growing Marijuana #26 (made with Spreaker)
May 2, 2014
Outdoor cannabis
May 3, 2014

..If I Ruled The World...all viewers must 18 and up for this video. adult setting, language and activities. Live BF4 with Nay on Cam!


  1. Doomchaser1 says:

    I had 1 joint of crap last two days..today looks like 3 joints of almost
    good smoke.

  2. chasetompkins1 says:

    joined at a bad time lol

  3. Shayna Lynn says:


  4. Doomchaser1 says:

    Blue dream rocks for product…

  5. Leonardo de la Rosa says:

    hi i have a question my plants are in two week in to flowering and all the
    lefs are dying what am i doing wrong please tell me what im doing wrong

  6. Shayna Lynn says:

    ernest is going to dig that

  7. Doomchaser1 says:

    what it take me 3 months 75 grams of 30$ eith stuff..not bad for
    outside..lol in 2 months will be 50$ eith stuff

  8. Doomchaser1 says:

    But I just getting to the ok bud..every day the bud the dry’s gets a
    litt;le better and a little more ..lol

  9. Debbie Morris says:

    what nay is doing is mixing his blood meals fish meals and castings with
    hummic acid rock dust azomite bat guano rock phoshpates etc. then he going
    to add to each hole and plant his outdoor today.

  10. Leonardo de la Rosa says:

    im useing ionic bloom and boost

  11. Shayna Lynn says:

    then there’s plenty of castings

  12. Debbie Morris says:

    i make mine in 8 bag batches

  13. Doomchaser1 says:

    from feb to now..looks like around 300 buds at 1/2 to 1 gram..each maybe
    150 buds inbetween those

  14. Debbie Morris says:

    in short he is making his super soil to add to his plant wholes

  15. IronLungs Mcgee says:

    Smoke a bowl with me in chat

  16. trendyasdabbers says:

    Fish Bone Meal, Fish Meal, Vermiculite, Bone Meal, Blood Meal, Bat Guano,
    Mychorizae, Kelp Meal, Alafa Meal

  17. Doomchaser1 says:

    i would smoke a bowl if i had a cam..wait i roll joints nvm

  18. Leonardo de la Rosa says:

    no im useing ionic

  19. trendyasdabbers says:


  20. Doomchaser1 says:

    atm i smoke on 50$ oz stuff…maybe little better because i dont get a
    headache smoking on mine..But like i said every day getting better

  21. Shayna Lynn says:

    cool deal

  22. MrMarine347 says:


  23. Doomchaser1 says:

    fun picking some to dry every day..

  24. yuri michigan says:

    sup trendys

  25. Debbie Morris says:

    since i grow in pots the perlite works better as the veromiculite gets
    muddy in my pots

  26. trendyasdabbers says:

    8 pounds of each

  27. alan james says:

    been a while since ive watch your vids!!! your awesome man keep on dabbing!!

  28. Debbie Morris says:

    ty nay

  29. Doomchaser1 says:

    anything that stays in shade comes off and may shape it to slide in the
    door for my buds i leave on. Slide that sht in at night

  30. Debbie Morris says:

    holes i mean

  31. Debbie Morris says:

    i think this the soil he is making:3 lbs of worm castings, 10 oz each of
    bone meal bat guano blood meal, 6 oz rock phosphate eps salt d0l0mite r0ck
    dust humic acid and mix int0 ur 1 bag s0il

  32. Shayna Lynn says:

    new bass player 🙂

  33. Leonardo de la Rosa says:

    i have

  34. IronLungs Mcgee says:

    sup yuri

  35. Debbie Morris says:

    i the same but i use perlite

  36. Doomchaser1 says:

    all those 1gram buds look like 1 on my tops..soo 7 inch buds on tops

  37. chasetompkins1 says:

    whats he doing?

  38. IronLungs Mcgee says:

    cool some on thru

  39. Jason HAll says:

    Nay brother how are you???? What you smokin on today,????

  40. yuri michigan says:

    i got dabs but ill come in for a few one sec

  41. yuri michigan says:

    just chillen bout to smoke hbu

  42. Shayna Lynn says:

    you said it was loaded with worms didn’t you?

  43. nickrod32 says:

    5am trendytime

  44. Doomchaser1 says:

    down to 3 piles of 3 days of clippings..already smoking after 4 days of
    drying…but small airy buds..I need wait 5 days on what i take off now

  45. Leonardo de la Rosa says:

    can someone help me out

  46. chasetompkins1 says:


  47. Shayna Lynn says:

    miricle grow is very acidic

  48. IronLungs Mcgee says:


  49. Leonardo de la Rosa says:

    im growing in hydro

  50. Debbie Morris says:

    i tried t0 scale it d0wn f0r them