How to Control Bugs on Cannabis Organically

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November 19, 2014
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November 19, 2014

John from interviews MIT, the master grower at North Coast Naturals to share with you how you can control pests on cannabis organically. You will learn how…


  1. Dimitry Savior says:

    Nice work john

  2. Matthew Sherman says:

    nice work people, fuck the fraudulent feds, denialist bastards refusing to
    respect the United states Peoples vote…we voted and passed cannabis, so
    fuck off federal government of criminal bastards of darkness all you
    dickheads will burn in hell

  3. Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens says:
  4. Ras Tafari says:

    Spider Mites are the scourge of Cannabis grows! Great info shared in this
    video thank you John and MIT. Peace and pot

  5. Scottish Truth Hunter says:
  6. Sacred Farmer says:

    John, you’re amazing man!! Watch pretty much every episode!! All 1000!! And
    i, we just keep learning more and more everyday!! Diatomaceous earth is
    everything and all you need to control bugs even spider mites! Just have to
    stay on top of it sometimes multiple times today if you love your plant and
    the earth and our water supply all you people out there using chemicals
    need to stop immediately! Thanks again John from the bottom of my heart!!

  7. Katrina VanTassell says:

    Captain jacks dead bug or spinasad for gnats , safergro mildew cure for
    powdery mildew ,wipe out for bugs spidermite killsfirst spray all stages
    all these all fully organic peace and pot

  8. Praxxus55712 says:

    Pfffft controlling bugs on pot is easy. Set a bowl of Doritos next to the
    plant with a little poison in it. Those tiny pests will see them and be
    like “Whoooa duuude look at the size of those Doritos. OMG it’s like
    they’re so freakin HUGE. I bet they’re real. Lets eat them man”. After that
    it’s all over for those plant munching baddies. :)

  9. BadBrainPrepp says:

    Gnat traps work great…A cup with some apple cider vinegar in the

  10. Trianghoul says:

    I wish I could take your show on the go, maybe you should consider doing

  11. hoodlife27 says:

    Can you please do a video about winter greenhouse growing for marijuana. I
    know to flip the plants from veg to flower indoors but i dont know if i
    should do light deprivation or if i have to buy a lights to manufacture the
    vegatative light stage for my greenhouse in the winter

  12. DuffMan790 says:

    Springtails are great in cocoa for munching on aphids, getting rid of bad
    bacteria & they keep the soil full of nutrients. As long as you don’t
    overwater them they will never touch the plant or its roots.

  13. martinw767 says:

    I just came for the disguise, I love it. But, there was great info too.

  14. Hal337 says:

    It looks like North Coast Naturals is one of the best dispensaries on
    Earth’s surface!

  15. James Reynolds says:

    Please keep up the fight we as earthlings need more people like you!!

  16. ktrain420247 says:

    What i find funny is all the people hating. Plants are plants are plants
    are plants. No ifs ands or buts about it. You dont like weed then use these
    same techniques for your petunias. Indoor ipm cares not about what species
    of plant, eveb if spidermites may prefer certain plants over others.

  17. Contantq says:

    I think you can use colloidal silver sprayed on the plants for mold and

  18. Ann Mitchell says:
  19. workingclasssociety says:

    strong finish!

  20. ekennye and linda says:
  21. Jim S says:

    Wow, all the hate in the comments is saddening and pathetic. Try and look
    beyond what they are growing. Try and look beyond all the rhetoric &
    propaganda that you have been spoon fed by a corrupt “news” media, and see
    it’s still about growing your greens, regardless of what greens it maybe. 

  22. sonnifer says:

    It makes more sense watching and listening to the interview at half speed.
    So much, more sense…

  23. DailyOC says:

    great episode john keep spreading the good info

  24. mark fisher says:


  25. Yomike Yowalsh says:

    Love your show John .
    Question any other insects to introduce for control like praying mantis or
    some others types ? Maybe a show on this topic? Thank you for all your hard

  26. goatstaog says:

    Why are you going over to the drug plants now? IMO there is more than
    enough proper information about cannabis on the web and in print. Have you
    lost interest in your original mission statement John? Not very impressed
    on your recent turn to the dark side. Seems to me an action that only shows
    you want an advantage in profits for the newest wave of dumbing down
    america. How many people truly smoke or ingest Marijuana who really need
    it? Not an element needed for survival John. Not essential.

  27. hatchi58 says:

    Predators only don’t spray plants with any poison, zero, ever.

  28. Ramon ThreeFiveThree says:

    If you’re using living organic soil you can use crab meal and neem
    cake/meal in your soil and they both will help with pests. Crab meal has
    chitins in it and the enzymes react with them they turn into an enzyme
    called chitinese. This chitinese is also what eggs from fungus gnats are
    made of so it keeps them hatching. Neem meal/cake will help build your
    plants SAR(systemic acquired response). Think of it as your plants immune
    system. Bugs don’t like healthy plants. 

  29. Ego Bruiser says:

    mold, baking soda/water foliar. to prevent fish emulsion/kelp foliar veg
    only(neem oil if you have). fungus gnats… one word bait. bowl of water
    with drop of soap (they drown, add a couple fresh leaves they like), cut up
    potatoes, soaking wet pot of soil, etc. (they lay eggs you take out,
    repeat), YELLOW CARDS!!! omfg yellow cards everywhere! ladybugs help with
    pests, careful indoors. yes they will get all over your house if not
    careful. lol. i use neem cake and DE in small amounts in my soil as well to
    help ward off unwanteds. spider mites? not much luck organically without
    expensive dunks or intensive long term manual care. if i see spider mites i
    toss and start over 🙁 

  30. Daniel Allouche says:

    why is D E not good enough for all insect problems?

  31. Allotmental says:

    That’s the worst wig I’ve ever seen!!

  32. KuroiHato69 says:

    Enjoying your cannabis growing vids. Hopefully, it will be legal
    everywhere and it can just grow in yards like tomatoes! :)

  33. squirrelbong A says:

    I lol’d when I saw he’s wearing a dupont brand jumpsuit…the irony.

  34. Joe Feser says:

    Rock on.First

  35. goatstaog says:

    Spider mites are the pest that will weed out a tourist from gardening. I’ve
    seen many guys who brag they grow naturally be struck down to go get
    elaborate fumigators of toxins and still succumb to the pest. I call that
    comedy in the garden. It’s like people hold up values like that card in
    poker – but in the end it’s a bluff.

  36. guitardaddy6 says:

    I appreciate these videos! thank you!

  37. drewc1011 says:

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    but blesses the meat slaughterer Able.The Lord had regard for Abel and his
    offering, but He did not have regard for Cain and his offering. Cain was
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    much sickness to humanity with cooking the food instead of eating fresh
    produce. every church needs to be destroyed, it is not truth just a

  38. drewc1011 says:

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    farming a crime with penalties of death. lets slow torture death to all the
    employees of GM/peteroilium etc. since that is what they have been causing
    to americans. yeah!!!

  39. skunk farm says:


  40. TheRealVerbz says:

    Biodynamically grown.