How many of your parents smoked or still smoke marijuana when you were growing up?

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Tanner E asked:

I’m 16, and my dad has been a pothead since he was my age. He knows i know, he knows i smoke occasionally. What are your opinions on this and has anyone ever been in a similar predicament?


  1. Michael says:

    My dad smoked until I was 15. My opinion is that baby boomer generation are as ignorant as my toe. But you have to understand no one ran any anti-smoking adds until the 70s, and its very hard to quit

  2. Julian says:

    my parents grew the stuff in our closet..they stopped over 30 years ago.

  3. soul says:

    lol are you the feds? 😉

  4. Breauna says:

    Mine never have but I don’t really care if other people smoke. I don’t think your dad should allow you to smoke. That’s just my personal opinion, but perhaps your dad thinks that it would be hypocritical of him to tell you not to do it.

  5. Jimmy Whispers VI says:

    You lucked out. My father was a Boston cop who supplied the mafia with their cocaine.

  6. wanttolpve says:

    Occasional use of any body mind altering substance in my book is ok. When substance usage affects the user or their loved ones its a problem. Am i a pothead……….NO, i am a lover of it, have been since about 15. Just don’t abuse it.