How do you get a job growing medical marijuana?

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September 1, 2010
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September 1, 2010
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Ms. J Jisatsu! ♥ asked:

When I get older, I want to grow medical marijuana for a living. NOT sell it. NOT smoke it, but sell it to the government for medicinal purposes. Even if I have to work in a green house for the government! I just want to know how much profit you make, and what you would have to do to get the job. Personal opinions on the so called “drug” isn’t what I am asking for. If you can answer this question, then please do so. It would mean a lot to me!


  1. kthxbai says:

    Pot isn’t legal yet, there are no LEGAL jobs to grow it.

  2. Lord Lazy says:

    search online

  3. Kathy says:

    Wow, being a drug dealer. What an aspiration. Your parents must be soooo proud that they raised a junkie.

  4. xjoizey says:

    13 States have legal medical marijuana and all dispensaries grow their own or have legal growers they buy from. When it becomes legal in all states, maybe than you might be able to get a job working for a commerical grower.

  5. live fast ; die pretty. <3 says:

    Im not completely sure I know you do have to go through alot of school similar to that of a doctor.

    As for the people saying you want to be a drug dealer & what not, going into the profession to grow medical marijuana which is proven to help ALOT of things is a great career. It isn’t something easy & you do it for the government, how is that bad ?

    & It is legal in some states.

    Research it I’m sure you can find a ton of helpful information online & good luck =]

  6. a b says:

    Well the way it is right now, you cant grow weed for the government. I believe there is one field where marijuana is grown for the 5 federal medical marijuana patients. No marijuana is grown large scale for any type of government use that i am aware of

    To grow weed and sell it legally you would have to live in a state where medical marijuana is legal, have a medical card, and grow high enough quality to where a medical dispensary would want to buy it.

    You would be better off leaving this country and finding a country that actually needs people to grow weed if you are serious about making this a lifetime profession.

  7. TruthB says:

    Medical marijuana (MMJ) is legal in 13 States and if you live in one of these States start a compassion coalition. If you’d like to grow and not sell it you could help out many patients in need of a caregiver who supplies low or no cost medicine. States allowing MMJ have legal jobs to grow or work in a dispensary. There is no selling to the Fed. The US government does grow marijuana for research. The few patients left grandfathered under the Federal government are smoking field grown crap that has been in freezer storage since 1979. To work for the US Fed Gov on Marijuana studies pursue a degree in botany. Research the Federal Marijuana research facilities for the types of jobs and needed education.

    Weed is awesome which is why the USA should lift the prohibition on marijuana and fully decriminalize (no legal consequence) marijuana.
    People against marijuana need to put down the cocktail before putting down marijuana!