Herbin Farmer – Techniques with Meeks

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May 1, 2015
Frank Liefe | Doesn’t Matter | #FLF
May 1, 2015

Grow talk with the highly educated MEEKS. Listen in as I ask Meeks about the finer points of cannabis horticulture. Find Meeks on the Dank Den by clicking the link below, ENJOY!! https://


  1. Meeks says:

    Thanks for taking the time to put these interviews together Herbin, the
    outtakes are my favorite part

  2. bcroft0235 says:

    Thanks for the great interviews! Relevant and insightful Q & A in each one.

  3. JusKos303 says:

    recently sub’d bro, like ur channel, very informative! give my vids a peep
    if u get a chance. keep em comin bro, smoke one! peace

  4. Lizard Peace says:

    Another excellent interview,maybe its not to late to learn guitar,Thanks

  5. Chad Wayne says:

    Wow Ty!

  6. kbgrowkid420 says:

    Awesome. Dropping knowledge!!

  7. Herbin Farmer says:
  8. J.R. Tokin says:

    Great stuff Meeks you must make videos on growing!!

  9. JMCgrow420 says:

    Awesome interview!! Does Meeks have a YouTube channel farmer? 

  10. Srenots Rule says:

    Great to finally see and listen to Meeks, liked the whole thing and the
    Bloopers at the end, Thanks Guys>

  11. Frank Mojo says:

    MEEEEEEEEKZZZZ!!!!!! MA MAN!!!!!!!! That’s what’s UP!!!!!!! YOU TELL’M!!!
    Another great Interview!!!!

  12. unk40rm DTE SOUTH says:

    Holy crap meeks is brilliant!

  13. Mr.Tight's HOME GROWN REPORT says:

    I need more cowbell. I wish there were more interviews from that weekend.

  14. motojustin4 says:

    Love the outtakes. Great idea

  15. DrGonzo12676 says:

    And that’s how it grows