Harvesting the synergy day 66 of flower.

LIVE! TAD TALKS! GF Get’s In, Mt Obsidian & CANNABIS!
March 17, 2015
wild turtle loves medical marijuana
March 17, 2015

Big girl.


  1. NIKK420 says:

    I’ve been harvesting toovso far two days and I got to a lot still cheers

  2. tru bushdr says:

    Dayuuuuuuum u wasn’t lying. She’s a BEAST

  3. diesel04927 says:

    Harvesting the synergy day 66 of flower.: http://youtu.be/lWPB8tbNtqo

  4. 20mookmook says:

    Good shit my man love the vids 

  5. MILK MAN says:

    A lot of work ahead of you, trim, trim, trim. HeeeHee. But it well be worth
    itt, at the end. MILKM@N(oYo)