Harvest day again. Synergy day 59 of flower.

Grow Room Update; New strains! GG#4 and Cinex……
March 25, 2015
1000 Watt DR120 Grow Journal part 8
March 25, 2015

Nice purples on the synergy.


  1. UKGG Lisa B says:

    That’s a Beautiful Plant that Synergy wow some
    Great Shots Stews Loving your plant and your dog bless
    Him with his knees done his not moaning he just wants to be with you
    Great vid love and Peace

  2. tru bushdr says:

    I LOVE watching ur vids, gives me a heads up what I can expect from all the
    beans ya hooked me up with!! That synergy is a beast!! Looks like she
    wanted to turn purple at the end there huh

  3. Howard Turner says:

    Hope all is well with Diesel. See he’s up like nothing happened. Well nice
    growing and be good.

  4. maineCannaseur says:

    nice bro always lookin good in ur garden … glad the puppy is alright
    thats a nasty fucking scar! tough boy 😉 

  5. Jam Packed says:

    Synergy is absolutely gorgeous loving the colors..have fun trimming.