Growing marijuana legally of course?

Legal Marijuana Growing Question?
September 5, 2010
Medical Marijuana Question?
September 6, 2010
Marijuana Growing
Angela asked:

What is the best soil to put in the pot and is miracle grow good for mariajna growth?


  1. Mikey R says:

    WTF?!?!?! Last time I checked it’s not legal to grow marijuana.

  2. Kevin C says:

    Last time I checked, Marijuana is an illegal substance in the U.S. Unless prescribed by a doctor (My uncle is a police officer >.>)

  3. producerimhz says:

    Sorry its illegal everywhere in the world, only decriminalized in certain areas.

    Yes, Miracle grow is fine. Use fresh soil.

  4. Abigal says:

    Some states will allow you a permit to grow marijuana plants. I recommend you check with your local ag department. You will probably have to purchase a stamp, like you would with tobacco. I would also check city and county restrictions to be on the safe side.
    Miracle grow with mj will work, but is not advisable. An organic fertilizer is often better. Try a compost mixture of coffee grounds, egg shells, and banana peels. Regular potting soil with a mixture of good black dirt is best.
    FYI: The end results are better for the enviroment.

  5. kent m says:

    okay so first of all dont fuckin use miracle grow it will kill the plant the chemistry of a pot plant and of a normal garden plant are completely different but there is no best soil out there to use some advice i can give you though is finding a soil with lots of nitrogen in it (it should have soil ingredients on the back of the bag) with bark, and perelite helps alot…
    but hey if you wanna make your weed super weed or find a good nutrient for you baby girls then search it on google there a shit load of informative articles on there hope this helps man
    oh and growing pot aint legal unless you live in a state or country where medical marijuana is legal and even then you have to have a case in which you need marijuana as medical use to get a prescription and of course the seeds/babies from your doc.