growing marijuana for medicinal reasons?

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September 27, 2010
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September 27, 2010
Marijuana Growing
hrbrndn asked:

i have been appointed by a member of family to find out about growing marijuana, things i have been allocated to find out about are as follows…please can anyone answer these

germanating seeds (for how long)
how deep to plant the seeds
what type of light to use (would any UV light do?)
anything like miricle grow to be used?
how much heat (at what temperature)
is a fan required?
how much do i water the plant?

any help would be much appreciated =)

many thanks


  1. Xen says:

    Germinate seeds by placing them between two sheets of damp paper towel. Wet the paper towel, fold it to 1/4 its size, and press it between your palms to squeeze the extra water out. Place the seeds between two of these, put it somewhere cool and dark, and leave it for a week.

    When you see a white tap root coming out, they are ready to be planted. Some will show after a couple days, and others may take up to 3 weeks.

    Plant the seeds, taproot down, 1 inch below the surface, and cover lightly with soil, and water with a spray bottle for this time. They should surface after another few days to a week. Each plant should be in its own pot to make life easier. The less you have to transplant them, the less stressed they will be. Remember that they will stop growing if they run out of root space!

    The best light to use is a metal halide with ballast. These are pretty expensive. The cheap alternative is one of those spirally new-age compact flourescent bulbs. Good ol’ sunlight works well too (Especially as we get into spring)

    The best fertilizers are natural, and low in concentration (A 5-5-5 plant food stick works just fine).

    Heat is bad, and if there isn’t proper ventillation then a fan must be used to keep the areas air flowing.

    Finally, watering the plant is subjective. Keep the soil from becoming dry, but don’t keep it soaked and drowning. If you use a spray bottle, you can mist the plants twice a day and they will grow pretty happily!

    Good luck with your “medicinal” growing ; )

  2. turcoiseskyocean says:

    Check out You tube…they have a whack load of stuff relating to this topic