growing marijuana (flower stage)


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growing marijuana (flower stage)indoor marijuana plants, (5)different strains:: ***grand daddy purple ***jack frost (jack herer x white widow x northern lights#5) ***hawaiian punch ***blackberry ***sour diesel (hydroponic)

4 comments on “growing marijuana (flower stage)

  1. DankyWeed on

    @williepie well GDP is a clone only strain DUH?
    so i kinda wanted to know where exactly
    next time dont answer questions that aint for you

  2. williepie on

    @DankyWeed never grown the shit, If you cant get a gdp clone just go order some PK seeds… same thing

  3. williepie on

    @DankyWeed Prob ordered seeds or got a clone from someone locally or a dispensary….. (duh)

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