G420G vs Jipse Glass Friendly Grow Off Part 1


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G420G vs Jipse Glass Friendly Grow Off Part 1Welcome to Season 4! New Products, New Facility & So Much More! OverGrowSociety merchandise available NOW!!! overgrowsociety.spreadshirt.com JipseGlass.com Find on instagram / facebook #JipseGlas…

4 comments on “G420G vs Jipse Glass Friendly Grow Off Part 1

  1. TG SoRa on

    Excited about the series!! Cant wait to see those girls grow nice an big!
    Glade to see you posting more, keep up the good work homie!! OG fo life!!

  2. sho gunn on

    Wow took a plant out the ground to put it in a pot????? What a newb!!! How
    did your goofy newbie ass get so many subs, while giving out subpar

  3. kenithish on

    Agreed… Your soil mix would be fine if you didn’t compact it. You
    shouldn’t press at all on the topsoil, tap and rub the soil into place then
    a heavy watering will settle everything perfect and the plants will drain

  4. Jack Belcher on

    it’s because you compacted all the soil mix into the pot! you should just
    fill it loosely and let the water settle the compost in…

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