FGO Episode 3 The Finale


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FGO Episode 3 The FinaleWelcome to Season 4! New Products, New Facility & So Much More! LED lights & Grow Tents: Coupon code: G420G OverGrowSociety merchandise available…

7 comments on “FGO Episode 3 The Finale

  1. JP Kaff on

    So can you start LST once you see multiple shoots on the girl? What if the
    stock is a little lanky and very sturdy? Great vids as always G420G, cheers

  2. TjrA homemadegrowbox on

    Thanks for the update bro looking good over there keep doing what you doing
    bro growers love

  3. tazydevil93 on

    yo g420g can u ask gypsie how he did his dreads and if he has to maintain
    em looks so awsum i want dreads 2 but i have straight hair so seems
    unnatural im not sure? its either hair gel or dreads for me my normal hair
    looks like lego man hair haha

  4. Zion Lion420 on

    im looking on starting my first grow and was wondering if i should get some
    CFL lights or LED lights?

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