Exclusive: Dana Larsen Outside Vancouver City Hall

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May 3, 2015
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May 3, 2015

In this companion to our part of our three-part series on Vancouver’s move to regulate dispensaries, CinC Founding Director Jason Wilcox speaks again with Dana Larsen outside Vancouver City…


  1. Tere Tere Vanakere says:


  2. Mitch Tetrault says:

    Great work Dana and Jason thank Jah for your efforts,wish we had people
    like you guys in Montreal. Thank jah were still part of Canada!!! Quebec
    sucks for Cannabis reform due to us being a pharmaceutical hub with all its
    ills from the pills!!

  3. chaparral285 says:

    When does the verdict come down regarding the licencing system?

  4. sublBS says:

    Man Dana Larsen Great Speech I will be calling Rona ambrose office
    I would not be able to work With out CANNABIS. I was prescribed Oxycontins
    by my DR and Denied Medicinal Marijuana. If i would have followed my DRs
    (2001) prescription of Oxycontin My brain would be gone as well as my
    life. Thanks again to all you Fighting the good fight. Id love to face
    this lady with my condition and have her show me a safer Natural medication
    or tell me Cannabis is not Medicinal. We have to have the dumbest of dumb
    people in power. Freddie the videos you are making are top notch not once
    were the Allard trial on the news here. I wish these politicians had half
    the knowledge of you guys… Keep it up all ~PEACE~