Down to Earth

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Down to EarthUpdated update! Blue Dream, Bubblegummer, G13, Sour Blueberry, Northern Soul. Keep it Real.

4 comments on “Down to Earth

  1. YoungGrow on

    Hey bro I know you already got your light setup but I’m telling you $10 at Walmart and you can get a regular T8 shop light. You will see a very big difference. Grab two of those bad boys and slap em up and watch your garden grow!

  2. lsmurf13 on

    I had 4 t8s that u speak of, one went out so down to 3 along with 3 small cfls, already ordered another 125watt cfl like I already have hanging and gonna replace all the small lights and run 2x125watt cfl, maybe daisy chain my t8s for supplemental light in flower along the side walls! Peace

  3. lsmurf13 on

    Ya man a lil stressful but we pull thru, cant wait to have the new light in, should be here by Wednesday. -DTE-

  4. townshipfourtwenty on

    well the garden is starting to look good again glad u pulled through the issues u were having mate…so keep it real…..DTE-Emoney

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