Does anyone know anything about the occupation of growing/selling medical marijuana?

Getting over marijuana. Help?
September 8, 2010
medicinal marijuana?
September 8, 2010
Marijuana Growing
DKA asked:

Someone told me you can make half a million a year doing it but sounds too good to be true. I’m not interested in going into that ‘field’- just curious.


  1. ron p says:

    yes if you are the grower or the dealer

  2. In the key of K. says:

    There may be money in it but if you are growing according to government medicinal regulations you should expect to jump through hoops.

  3. BatMan says:

    Welcome to
    The Alliance for Addiction Solutions:
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    The Alliance for Addiction Solution is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting effective nutritional and other natural methods for the treatment of addictive disorders. We advocate the use of innovative techniques to establish individualized biochemical balancing of the addicted brain and body.

    I hope this helps

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