Do CAMP helicopters detect small marijuana grow plots?

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Marijuana Growing
Alex B asked:

My friend in Amsterdam plans on growing some marijuana outside this summer, although it is legal for him to do so he wants to know if a CAMP helicopter would be able to detect a small growing plot with 2-4 plants if one were to fly over his spot.

3 comments on “Do CAMP helicopters detect small marijuana grow plots?

  1. BiologicalRebel on

    Amsterdam, huh? Pretty sure they have no need for CAMP helicopters in Amsterdam. I HAVE heard that they use them in California.

  2. Krust on

    CAMP has no jurisdiction in Amsterdam considering it is a California state program, lol.


    I am sure the they keep that information secret, but I bet they could. I don’t know if a person does it by eye or if they use electronics.

    If your prison has Yahoo access, tell us how it works out if you decide to take the gamble.

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