DANK Thursday ~Citizen Jay’s Rocky Mountain Highs


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DANK Thursday  ~Citizen Jay's Rocky Mountain HighsHey, Yo! It’s Citizen Jay! Comin’ at’cha from Denver, Colorado… Tokin’ on some DANK indica and some sativa too! Answering questions, telling stories, and s…

50 comments on “DANK Thursday ~Citizen Jay’s Rocky Mountain Highs

  1. Toking Otter on

    my name is will and im 16 and actually have glaucoma, i live in New York and my parents are open about my cannabis use because it helps me so much! Maybe thats something you can talk about in a future vid

  2. thepartypacker on

    Thanks for the response! Thats a pretty upstanding nice guy thing to do too. Maybe for a future video you could spend most of it talking about your first experience when you were 14, and then your favourite story about being high, and then your worst experience while high

  3. nibirutyche on

    live in oklahoma, where we have the harshest laws. when u see weed lollipops on the news, everyones like OMG! lol. no edibles 🙁 sucks.. so i sit here dipping my cadbury fruit n nut bar in to my tray shake..pretending

  4. jbfrom503 on

    Great vid man. I between a fan for a while & listening to you talk makes me wanna come out to Co & really get into some deep convo. Just comparing experiences with the magic of cannabis. I know I have plenty in just 3 years at a medical marijuana club. Maybe 1 of these “eh”? Love, Dabs, & Subscriber Taps Gnome Sayin!

  5. TheJayeFilms on

    Jay, love the videos quick question ever since the legalization of Cannabis in colorodo what has happened to the D.a.r.e. or drug programs what will there place be in all of this? of course i am against drug programs as i am in one right now thanks for the video they always make my day haha

  6. martinub40 on

    Where I’m from In New York, the cops don’t confiscate your pieces. They make you smash them in front of them. Horrible

  7. bob smith on

    lol a user named m4carbineCOD would ask a question about teen usage…my guess is…he is a teen himself.

  8. 10jdaugh on

    I do have a question that you can feel free to answer or not and i think some other viewers could back this, but it has to with your job, What was or would be your favorite archeologist dig?

  9. Citizen Jay on

    NO! I did not!  Which is probably why it didn’t take with me at that point, eh? It was a great experience the first time (though I don’t remember actually feeling “high”) and it left a lasting impression.

  10. dannyerickson22 on

    The tang or strains with Tha tang in it, golden goat possibly as well, feel like you’ve said that one as well….

  11. callmepot on

    damn.. little late haha been away just catching up on your vids 🙁 just saw the treehouse video..

  12. Cory Aldridge on

    Hey Cory here, just wondering if you’ve ever went up to Mt.Evans? Deffinately reccomend it, very beautiful place, with awesome views. Keep up the good work. Peace Love!!!

  13. Denali3K on

    Hi J, thanks again for the content.. Interesting to hear your take on the different challenges of being a responsible parent, thx. And Nice word!- DIVEST, and it is interesting how you apply it. Reminds me of those monks in the mountains who spend an entire year- thousands of hours- working on an intricate rock art painting all yearlong. Then at the end of every year, they completely destroy the art. To practice “letting go”, unatachment

  14. NorcalGreens on

    I know you love the tange or any tange smelling strain haha, I know a bunch of people already commented saying the same thing but still had too throw that out there , cheers !

  15. califdweller on

    she is all they claim
    With her eyes of night and lips as bright as flame……..”
    ….she is also your favorite straaaaaaaaaaaainnnnnnnnn……. 🙂

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