Chronic Close-Up – Ounce Depot

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April 9, 2015
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April 9, 2015

– Join us for a close-up look at some of the finest medicine California has to offer. Ounce Depot has a huge selection of flower and concentrates. Check out their WeedMaps…


  1. RobertMDuvall says:

    Don’t you guys have access to a microscope? I mean these are close up, but
    they aren’t macro CLOSE UP

  2. whocareforealakilla says:

    so and so OG, rappper OG, shit fuck OG. They only carry OG?

  3. High Phi says:

    what’s with all the lame names? guarantee most of them are just renamed

  4. Jack Harkness says:

    I ordered a pocket microscope last night, looking forward to seeing my
    lovelies up close and personal.

  5. Diogo Catalino says:


  6. A G says:

    Bunch of mids. Who gives a fuck about this shit?! People in SoCal really
    smoke this garbage?!

  7. zz-dubs says:

    This music is TERRIBLE

  8. DubbleTrubbleBubble says:

    i could barely read the white text names over these frosty as fuck buds lol

  9. David Colburn says:

    thought this was gonna be like bubbleman’s macroshots. If your not gonna
    show zoomed in trichomes don’t show a doodle of that in the intro. Its
    misguiding. I don’t see the point of calling it a “chronic close-up” when
    there isn’t much of a zoom in on the buds. This looks just like a strain
    showcase rather than close ups. I could look at a bud with my own eyes and
    see it as well as this “close up”